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Be prepared for the winter season.

When it gets colder outside, you begin to rely on your heater to keep your home cozy and warm. However, you need to take care of your heater for it to take care of you.

Heating and cooling systems can be costly. To heat and cool your home cost about 54 percent of your utility bill. Having a broken heater can cause this bill to become higher than necessary.

Some heater problems can result in the heater pulling more energy to overcompensate for its broken parts. So, making sure to have a well-maintained heating system is essential for a reasonable winter utility bill.

Here are three reasons why your heating system may operate poorly.

The Thermostat is Broken

Your thermostat is the primary way you control the home’s temperature. When you let a faulty thermostat go for too long, it can decrease the longevity of your heating unit.

Some signs of a bad thermostat are:

  • The air conditioner doesn’t turn off
  • Not sensing the room temperature
  • You have the thermostat where you want it, but the heating unit doesn’t respond as expected
  • The furnace doesn’t respond

Dirty Filters

Cleanliness is a massive part of maintaining anything. Cars, homes, even heating units. When filters get full, it is increasingly difficult for the system to push air through as it should. When a heating system doesn’t push enough air through it, it runs the risk of having the heat exchanger cracking.

However, there are other benefits to having a clean filter in your heating system.

  • Greater efficiency
  • Cleaner air
  • Lower utility bills
  • Increased longevity of your unit
  • Fewer repairs
  • Cleaner environment in your home
  • Comfort throughout the year

Heater Repair ExpertsPoorly Balanced Dampers

Sometimes some rooms are warmer than others, and sometimes AC works better than heating. The first thing to check is if the duct is balanced differently for different seasons.

You can call Houston Admiral to set it right. However, constant fixing on your part will help get the temperature you want.

Identify the winter and summer settings. Then tune your system according to each. But make sure it is optimized at the start of each season.

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