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Homeowners are always looking to save money or improve the quality of their homes.  There are a number of tips and tricks people pass on to their friends, family, and neighbors. Unfortunately, sometimes these tips and tricks are merely myths. Houston Admiral wants to help homeowners clear the smoke and inform clients of what is true and what is a myth.

In addition to debunking these myths, we will recommend the best options when it comes to achieving the goal the myth tries to do itself. That way, homeowners can truly start saving money and improve the quality of their homes.

Myth: Closing the air vents will reduce the heating bill

Keep your vents open for proper heating in the entire house.

Closing the vents and registers in your home will not reduce the heating bill. In fact, closing the vents will raise the heating bill. If hot air is unable to reach parts of the house, the furnace will work harder to fill those areas with heat. Be sure to keep your vents and registers open so the heat can distribute evenly. If you are too hot, then turn down the thermostat.

Myth: The higher the thermostat is, the faster your furnace heats the home

No one likes to be cold. So, it is common for people to turn the thermostat up so they can get warmer faster. It doesn’t matter how high or low your thermostat is. It will produce heat at the same rate. So, save some money by waiting for the furnace to do its job.

Myth: Efficiency is important when it comes to buying a furnace

An efficient furnace is great to have because homeowners will save money over time. However, efficiency means nothing if the home is not efficient. Homes need to be appropriately insulated in order to hold in all that hot air. If there is insufficient insulation throughout the house, then the furnace will cost homeowners more money than they were expecting.

Insulation plays a large role in a furnace’s efficiency.

Myth: Continue to run your furnace as long as possible before it dies

Every type of furnace has its own estimated life span. As long as homeowners maintain their units, they should stay up and running until they have reached their 20 or so years. Many homeowners find it to be more cost-effective to run their furnace into the ground or until it dies. Unfortunately, this thought process will end up costing the homeowner more money. Replace your furnace once it reaches the end of its life span. You will save money on repairs and efficiency.

Myth: The larger the furnace, the better

If you have a small home, then a large furnace will only hurt. The larger unit will take more fuel to run and will overheat the home. Ensure you select the right size of furnace for your home. You want to keep your heating bill lower with a properly-sized furnace.

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