Celebrating Our Air Conditioning BBB Award

We would like to take a moment to celebrate an air conditioning BBB award that we won recently. It was the result of years of work and dedication. At Houston Admiral, you have come to know our business as high-quality. Our reputation as an excellent business with stellar customer service is the product of great adversity, though.

Today, we would like to share with you the story of this growth and how we were able to work our way to the top. Earning this award symbolizes a historical change in our values and the integrity of our company!

Reviving The Good Name Of The Company

It’s true, in our past, we struggled with keeping up excellent customer service. It hurt our reputation badly, to say the least. Due to this, we were not able to attract the type of clientele that we do today. We were not as adept nor competent, and the penalties were severe.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), which currently oversees 400,000 companies in the US, and rates them for customer service and business, did not even accept us. Believe it or not, for the last seven years, we were given F ratings. That was the worst rating you could receive. Clients and companies alike will steer clear from ratings like that, so we didn’t even stand a chance.

It is still one of the lowest points for our business.

Although, when we recently changed leadership, we looked back on this. As it turns out, our old management team ignored a lot of complaints — even ones from the BBB that were issued years back to help us grow. We found out after addressing a few that these were the source of our poor ratings. With the help of our new owner Shawn Conley, we took it upon ourselves to correct all of these mistakes.

Now, Things Are Better Than Ever!

After backtracking and make sure every complaint was taken care of, things started to change. We gained a better reputation with our clients as a result. Our customer service improved so much after doing this that the BBB invited us to gain accreditation from their company.

They only represent companies with superb business and client care, so this was a huge step! This year, we happily maintain our clients with 95% positive feedback. That means there are nearly zero complaints or concerns, and any that do arise are taken care of promptly.

Winner Of Distinction: The Award Of Excellence

After back-to-back years of successful business, the sun broke through the clouds. BBB invited us again, but this time it was to receive an award of excellence for 2019 instead. In addition to that, we finally got an A rating, too. This marks our most significant accomplishment to date. Thanks to our hard work and commitment to our company values, we can claim this title with pride!

BBB Awards for Excellence 2019

The award is a brilliant example of the achievements that can be made in the workplace by contributing more passion and dedication. After being snuffed by the BBB for years, we have earned our respects amongst our peers. Houston Admiral works every day now to look after and help our customers better and better.

A company should be there with its clients every step of the way. We believe that this highlights one of the essential characteristics of a great business. It truly is an honor to accept such a prestigious award.

In commemoration of our success, our company can be found in the winner’s list on the BBB website. As you can see, this year we were one of the best of the many thousands of companies in the Houston area.

We hope that this era of high quality will be continued year in and year out. From Houston Admiral, we would like to thank our clients and supporters for being a part of this amazing journey!