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It’s a beautiful period for the company, Houston Admiral. Their businesses have grown tremendously, and they’ve been able to make a perfect name for themselves. This is despite all of the setbacks and issues they had to deal with along the way. From missed complaints to changes in the way we do customer service, we’ve been able to bounce back! In 2019 we were proudly awarded for our outstanding growth. The BBB, formally known as the Better Business Bureau, is a globally recognized conglomerate that dedicates itself to maintaining the integrity of businesses all over the world. We will discuss their credibility along with the journey that led us to where we are today.

An F Rating For 7 Years

Things were not always so grand for our company. In our past, we struggled much with quality control. It was not easy for us to maintain the type of reputation that would garner the formidable clients we have today. Back then, we had a management team that sadly was not able to provide the best service possible. Over the years, there were companies and customers alike that pointed out flaws and made requests for change.

Without strong internal discipline, things were allowed to slip. As a result, we were unable to make the fixes and adjustments and thus, got lower and lower rankings. Even the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which currently oversees 400,000 companies in the US alone, did not accept us. They give out yearly ratings for companies and their performances in the market and customer service.

For 6 to 7 years our rating was an F — the worst you could recieve. It was terrible for our moral and even worse for business.

Under New Management

At this point, things need to change. With dwindling reviews and poor customer service, it would be hard to get the rating reversed. However, with the help of our owner Shawn Conley who took over recently, things are now better than ever!

This is because he found out that there were many complaints issued to Houston Admiral over the years that were left unaddressed. Issues brought up by the BBB itself, the operating manager previous to Sean entirely ignored that. Could it be the root of the problems that were plaguing us?

After backtracking and make sure every complaint was taken care of, things started to change. We gained a better reputation with our clients as a result. Our customer service improved so much after doing this that the BBB invited us to gain accreditation from their company. They’re reputable for their support of companies with superb business and client care, so this was a huge step!

The Award Of Excellence

After another year of brilliant business, things took a turn for the best. Our hard work and dedication to our company values earned us one of the greatest achievements of our company to date. In 2019, we were once again invited by BBB. This time, it was to accept an award and finally gain the coveted ‘A’ rating.

They wanted to commemorate the significant changes in our customer service. The people took notice of our differences, and in the years of our growth, they watched from afar. Today, the award is a shining example of what we can achieve when you add compassion to the work environment. Caring for our customers and helping them every step of the way is how Houston Admiral operates.

You can find our company on the list of winners here on the site of BBB. As you can see, of the many thousands of companies in the Houston area, we were among the best this year. This is something that we hope to achieve every year moving forward, too.

This wasn’t just a spike in business for our company. We have been climbing this mountain for a long time, and we are very proud. However, let it be known that the relief of finding success has only been traded for motivation to gain more accolades.

Our Customer Service Today

This year, we happily maintain our clients with 95% positive feedback. That means there are nearly zero complaints or concerns, and any that do arise are taken care of promptly. We want to maintain this new reputation for high-quality and will do so through optimizing our services further. Throughout the coming years, we want to make sure that we minimize our negative reviews even more. In time our goal is to earn a status as one of the best companies for customer service in Houston and even beyond.

A Special Thanks

If you have received a service from us in the past, we want to thank you for giving our company your business. Without your help, we could not function, let alone be successful. This is why we want to appreciate our blessings every step of the way. You are just as responsible for this award as we are. Together we create a work environment almost as comforting as our HVAC systems! Well, we’d say it’s a close second.

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