The summer is almost in full swing, are you ready for the heat? It can get extreme very fast in the city of Houston. That’s why Houston Admiral wants to give some advice to homeowners on ways they can stay cold. Nowadays it’s not so much about the type of system you run, but more about how well it’s running.

If there are issues outside of its control, you could be doing you and your machine more harm than good. That’s why we want to highlight some of the key factors in our blog today. Be aware of when you are in extreme heat, and know what the solutions are. This way, you can stay in the cool temperatures all summer long!

Size Of Your AC 

The first detail to focus on is the size of your AC unit. Every home will have to have a unique AC system because every home is going to vary in size. The AC unit is specifically designed to do a very simple task. In a specifically sized room, it will regulate the temperature within a certain threshold. Your AC is not meant to deal with extreme temperatures like the kind that we are experiencing regularly in Houston.

In order to account for this drastic heat index, you can’t overwork your AC. That means making sure that it is the proper size for your home, first of all. If it is too small, you’re already costing yourself too much. You’ll either have to get another AC that fits the size or get another smaller unit to make up for the lost space. This will reduce the stress on your AC and help the unit maintain temperature far easier.

AC Repair

The More Units, The Better!

Are There Any Windows Or Doors Open? 

As we mentioned earlier, your AC cannot work in extreme heat. That is why it is best to reduce all of the potential factors that would produce more heat than needed. By this, we mean any of the windows or doors that may be open. These spaces in the home are huge points of heat exposure and can raise the average temperature in the home by as much as 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that your windows are closed tight and perhaps more eco-friendly to ensure that you are not losing cool air to the outside world. Reducing the amount of work your AC has to do is absolutely critical.

Not Changing The Air Filter 

Another issue that could be problematic is the filter may not be clean. If it is blocked with a lot of dust, it may not be ideal for the AC unit. The performance will be slashed drastically as there is a far smaller flow of air entering the unit. This blockage can go on to damage other parts of your unit as well so it’s important to keep it clean.

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Is The Fan On? 

Remember, stagnant air is always going to be a lot hotter than when you have fans on. This will keep a constant circulation in the home, and lower the average temperature inside. When you maintain lower temperatures, your AC can work far better. This is why we recommend you keep the fan on, too. It will save you money and keep you comfortable when the going gets rough.

If you’re looking to get the right AC unit for your home, contact us now! Houston Admiral can connect you with the proper representative to service your needs right away.