The Texas heat is uncomfortable at best, but dangerous at its worst. Keeping your home cool can be a challenge, and a well-functioning air conditioner is essential. However, there’s more to an efficient HVAC system than running your unit on full-blast. Make sure that your home and your unit are fully prepared to tackle this dreadful heat by following these five tips.

1. Tune Up Your Unit

It’s not only important to keep your home cool, but you should also aim to keep energy costs as low as possible. Servicing your AC can help you save a lot of money, not just during the the summer but for the entire year. Houston Admiral can tune-up your air conditioner so that your unit produces maximum output using minimal effort.

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2. Keep Your Windows Closed

Fresh air is great, but if you want to feel the breeze, go outdoors. Otherwise, the air blowing out of your air conditioner will go towards cooling the outside. Pick one air or the other, or you’ll pay to have both.

3. Replace Your Air Filter

It’s recommended that you change your filter at least right at the start of the seasons, but it’s always better to change your filters late than never. A clean filter will improve the efficiency of your unit, as well as improve the air quality of your home.

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4. Get Your Air Ducts Checked

Air ducts can have air leaks, which can reduce the overall effectiveness of your unit. If your ducts haven’t been serviced in a while, you may need a new system. Houston Admiral performs air duct installation as well.

5. Turn Off The A/C

This might sound counter-productive, but turning off your air conditioner now and then will lengthen its lifespan and save your money on your energy bill. Set your air conditioner to shut off once your home reaches a certain temperature. The unit should quickly cool your home and conserve its energy for later.

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