There are many cases in storms when you may want to consider the safety of your AC unit. It is only in the event of very extreme weather, though. Typically, when you are in a rainstorm the situation is not very dangerous nor problematic for your AC to run. In fact, it has shown to increase comfortability in homeowners due to their ability to mitigate humidity levels.

In order to get the most out of your AC for the longest, you will have to keep an eye out. These sort of adverse weather events can be troublesome. They range from tornadoes to hurricanes, and each of them will have properties that could be detrimental to your unit.

Usually, the only solution is to turn off your unit and wait out the storm. We want to highlight when some of these critical times for shutting down your unit are. It could help when you face bad weather in the future.

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Watch out for lightning!

Damage From High Winds 

A big issue in tornadoes and hurricanes is the presence of high wind. In these conditions, you must ensure that your unit is safely fastened to the ground or window. There can be a lot of issues arising in the stability of the unit. For example, if there is a lot of wind in the area, the trees and telephone poles can be susceptible to falling, leaving your home and your AC unit vulnerable to getting hit. In another scenario, if it is in a window, it could be affected by the drafts and dislodged from your window.

Hail, Lightning, Debris 

In the event that you are stuck in a very bad storm, covering your AC unit and turning it off can be a good idea. This is because of the possibility of a multitude of problems. The main concerns would be the high winds, of course, However, there are also occurrences of hail, lighting and other dangerous materials shooting through the air.

In order to avoid getting struck by lighting and having it melt your wiring, keep it off and covered up. This can also be helpful if it is getting pelted by hail. Depending on how large the pieces of ice are, it could dent and even brake your AC unit. Once again, protecting your AC can mean a much cheaper bill when it is all said and done.

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Hail is also an issue to avoid!

Overwhelmed By Water 

Finally, one issue that is specifically difficult for Houston must be addressed. Since our city is prone to extensive flooding from even small amounts of rain, you have to keep in mind that your AC could be in the danger zone. If you ever find yourself in a position that flooding could be a potential issue, make sure that your AC unit and other outdoor electronics are powered down and otherwise covered from the water. It is imperative that you keep the high waters from damaging your system totally.

We would be happy to help you coordinate your home for any safety precautions. If you feel like you are in a high-risk area, let us know! We can get you the information you need and possibly to better equipment to put you at ease. Contact Houston Admiral now to learn more.