As temperatures continue to soar this summer, do too might your concerns about the condition of your outdoor air conditioning unit. We advise you to not let this uncomfortable weather frighten you. Your AC and its components are designed to withstand the heat. That being said, you aren’t free from any obligation to look after your unit. You can rest easy only after you’ve ensured that your unit is truly fit to weather this weather.

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Your AC will be fine, if you take care of it.

Your AC Needs Heat

Did you know that your air conditioner actually uses heat to operate? Air conditioners use a heat transfer system, taking your hot indoor air and turning into cool air for your home. But that being said, when the air is already really warm, your unit must work very hard to achieve the temperatures you want. Nevertheless, your unit is equipped to perform this job.

Of course, certain things can make your air conditioner’s job a bit easier. Regular tune-ups and sufficient airflow can ensure that you AC runs as well as possible. In addition to keeping a clean air filter, you’ll want to make sure that debris and plants don’t block the inlets and equipment. Dirt and grime can cause the parts to run at a reduced capacity, during an already-difficult time. Our technicians can check this for you, as well as make sure that all of your parts are clean and ready to work.

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Is Your Unit Fried?

One of the more sure ways to know if your unit has been outdone by the summer heat is to call Houston Admiral and let our technicians take a look. We can spot the difference in a repair job and a replacement job. Call us at (281) 876-9400 to learn how we help you stay cool over the summer.