Causes For AC Breakdown

Keep your AC running longer by knowing what causes it to breakdown.

Inconvenient would be an understatement when your AC breaks down in the middle of summer. Your AC unit does a lot to care for your home as well as caring for you. It cools your home and dehumidifiers it, which can curb the growth of mold and moisture collecting around your windows. In addition to this, it will limit the bugs in your home, improves air quality, and increases your mental and physical activity.

With all the benefits and comforts that an AC offers to have it break down can cause quite a few problems. Instead of living with a broken AC for the summer, you can talk with Houston Admiral. They have financing options for your AC unit. Often when people have to repair or replace their AC, they don’t have the money for such a large expense.

This expense can be a couple hundred for repairs, or for a replacement, it can be thousands of dollars. However, there could be a unit or repair that you need for your home that doesn’t fit into your budget. This is why Houston Admiral offers 48 months, no interest with approved credit financing. Instead of expecting you to pay it all upfront, you can make it fit your budget and get the unit and repair your home needs.

While getting the repair or replacement you need is important, it is also important to know what causes the breakdown. When you know what causes AC units to breakdown, then you can keep it from happening again. So, here are some of the most common reasons your AC breaks.

Dirty Air Filter

This filter is responsible for keeping dust out of your AC. If the air filter gets full, then your airflow will be greatly reduced. Also, all the dirt in the system will slowly work its way into your fans, coils, and other components of your machine. This will, over time, break down your machine and cause it to need a replacement.

Leaving a dirty filter in your machine will also affect the overall efficiency of your AC. With enough dirt and dust, it won’t transfer air properly and have to work twice as hard to compensate. Combining the summer heat with overworking your matching will lead to it overheating.

Leaking Refrigerant

Every AC has a set amount of refrigerant, and if installed correctly, then you won’t ever need more. However, if there is a leak in your AC unit, then your AC will suffer. It will have to work harder to cool your home and still will probably fall short. This issue will increase your energy bill and damage your AC unit.

Houston Admiral Financing

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Eventually, your AC unit will wear out like any mechanical system. When this happens, you will have to replace it, and that will be a lofty expenditure. However, with the help of Houston Admiral’s financing options, you can make the expense fit into your monthly budget. Contact them today at (281) 876-9400 to learn more about their options and units available. They can also help you with any repair you need if you aren’t ready to replace your AC unit. Check them out today to get the financing you need for any AC breakdowns you may experience.