Clearing the Air With A REME HALO®

To get mold or dust out of your air, Houston Admiral serving Magnolia is your primary source. It is important to clean air, especially when there are volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are gases that lead to viruses, present in your home. VOC’s can be anything from paint supplies to any other gas that can lead to you feeling sick. Symptoms include constantly having a headache when you get home from work or school and feeling fatigued.

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Houston Admiral suggests using REME HALO®, an air purifier which combines hydroperoxide plasmas into the air conditioning unit. Our products remove 99% of airborne particles for more than 20,000 hours. Feeling sick can feel frustrating and the last thing you would want is to feel sick from the air inside your home. An Admiral REME HALO® air purifier can be life-changing.

Culprits in the Home

Dust can be a very stubborn culprit in your home. It can collect on your furniture unless you regularly dust daily. Instead of getting rid of dust filled furniture, call the professionals at Huston Admiral to look and see how we can clear the air in your Magnolia home. Asthma and Allergies plague millions of Americans every year and REME HALO®  air purifiers might be able to create life-changing effects in your home. Carpeted homes have toxins and other allergens trapped inside. Your home could be wreaking havoc on your health and that is why you should rely on Admiral.

Purifiers Truly Make A difference

These systems can stand on a table or the floor, some have wheels, however, the REME HALO® will be installed in the interior of your central AC unit. You will start to see the effects of this device within the first few days of using it. Clearing the air with this air purifier is going to utilize the full capability of your HVAC system with an added level of benefits coming in the form of its hydroperoxide plasma.

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Not only will it eliminate the airborne toxins that take a toll on your health, but for any particles or pollutants that do not get removed, there is a secondary protective measure involved. The hydroperoxide forces the contaminants to clump together. This will help the air filters catch a larger percentage of the remaining toxins. The intense level of cleaning you will recieve from this purifier could bring your home on par with hospitals!

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