With the summer months nearing, are you ready for the heat? In Houston city, it can get sweltering hot quickly. That’s why Houston Admiral would like to provide homeowners with some advice on ways they can stay cool inside. It is not so much about the type of system you are using, but more about how well it is running.

If there are issues beyond its influence, you may do more harm than good to yourself and your AC. Therefore we want to highlight some of today’s main factors in our blog. Even when you’re in extreme heat, knowing what any potential remedies are will certainly ease stress. That way, you can live all summer long in cooler temperatures!

Common AC Mistakes To Avoid in Summer

Keep your vents open for proper heating or cooling in the entire house.

The Size of Your AC Unit

This is the number one detail to focus on. Every home will require a unique AC device, as each residence will differ in size. The AC device is specifically designed to perform an incredibly simple function. It will regulate the temperature within a designated threshold in a specifically sized room. Most AC’s are not intended to cope with high temperatures, such as the kind we routinely encounter in Houston.

We don’t recommend that you overwork your AC to compensate for this extreme heat index. Which means, most of all, ensuring it’s the right size for your house. If it’s too low, you still have too much to pay for yourself. You will either need to get another AC that suits your size, or you will need to get another smaller unit to make up for the lost space. It will reduce the burden on your AC and help maintain temperature much better for the machine.

Checking For Open Windows or Doors

As previously discussed, your AC can not work at extreme heat. Therefore, it is better to ensure that all the possible factors that would create more heat than is required, be removed. By this, we mean checking all of the doors or windows that might be open.

These spaces are massive heat exposure points and can increase home air temperature by as much as 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit. In light of this, make sure your windows are securely closed to ensure that you don’t lose fresh air to the outside world. It’s very important for every amount of work your AC has to do.

Common AC Mistakes To Avoid in Summer

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Neglecting Your Air Filter

One thing that could be troublesome is the filter not being clear. It might not be suitable for the AC device if it is covered with a lot of dust. The output would be dramatically cut, as the airflow through the device is much lower. This blockage will continue to harm other parts of your unit as well, so keeping it clean is crucial.

Having Your Fan On

The fan will maintain a constant circulation within the house and lower the indoor air temperature. If you keep lower temperatures, your AC will work much better. Therefore, we suggest that you always keep the fan on. It’ll save you money and keep you feeling relaxed once it gets hot.

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