Common Air Conditioning Repair Issues

It’s a common fact to note that AC Units are not invincible. They can last for 10, even 20 years, with the proper maintenance but that is quite a stretch. More often than not, these units break down. They need repairs, and there are issues that are simply unavoidable overtime. Keeping track of this can be tedious, especially when you need your unit to be running to protect from the heat. There is nothing worse than a broken AC in the summertime. However, you are not alone! When your HVAC system stalls out, Houston Admiral can provide the repairs to keep it going.

Houston Central AC Repair

The following are frequent problems that people experience with their AC units:

Refrigerant Leaks

The reason for low refrigerant can be from one of two causes. Either the refrigerant was not fully filled during the installation, or there is a leak. Of course, we can certainly add more refrigerant if that is the case, but if it is a leak, then things get a little more difficult. This can dangerous for you also since the coolant is toxic to the environment. That’s why it’s imperative to have a repairman work on this aspect of your AC under any circumstance.

After calling one of our technicians, we can find the leak and make the proper adjustments to get the unit working in accordance with factory specifications. It may take a replacement piece, but in any case, you can trust in Houston Admiral to take care of it!

Outside Fan Stops Working

The role of an outside fan is essentially conveying heat from indoors to outdoors. If there is a problem with the fan, you will find that the heat transfer does not occur. There can be overloads in the system as a result of this. The compressor can generate too much heat and cause the unit to shut down for safety precautions. If you find this issue happening with your unit, call us immediately so we can avoid any further damage to your system.

Drainage Problems

There are usually issues with the draining in HVAC systems, too. They can be the result of instability in the system, where it may be leaning to one side, or it could simply be too humid. This has a major factor in the quality of the system. Our technicians will check for this, as well as the condensate drain to ensure that there are no clogs contributing to the drainage issue.

Inadequate Maintenance

Of course, another issue that you may come into contact with is poor maintenance. If you are gone a lot of the days out of the week, you can neglect your system. If you don’t tend to your unit for weeks even months at a time, it can breakdown. The air filters and coils can get clogged which would then ultimately cause the compressor or fan to accrue problems. Eventually, it could prematurely fail.

To avoid these issues, have one of our repairmen come to give your unit an inspection! You can also activate one of our service agreements to ensure that you get regular maintenance checks. This will protect from future issues. Remember, we are open 24 hours to provide relief services, let us know what Houston Admiral can do for your AC unit!