Do You Have Mold In Your AC?

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Mold is a hazard to your health and the safety of your home. There is a reason that black mold is also known as toxic mold, and that is because it can cause headaches, respiratory problems, fatigue, and other symptoms. For some, if they are around mold long enough, they can develop asthma. While you may not have mold in your home, if you are dealing with symptoms, you could have it in your AC.

Just like anything else, anyplace with high levels of moisture will grow mold. This includes air conditioners. Air conditioners only run intermittently, which allows moisture to accumulate. Over time it could cause your AC to grow mold. With the help of a Houston Admiral service technician, they will help you remove the mold from your system. So, what are some ways that you can tell when you have mold in your AC?

It Smells

Most everyone knows what mold smells like. If you start to smell it throughout your home with no other signs of mold in your house, then you may have mold in your AC. As the mold spreads through the air ducts, the smell will become more pungent.

Visible Signs of Mold

If you have mold in your AC, it will look like the mold you would find in your bathroom. You will see patchy black residue throughout your AC and depending on how far it spread in the air ducts. This residue may not be easy to wipe off and will require cleaning to remove it.

Respiratory Symptoms

The biggest reason people worry about having mold in their homes is because of the adverse side effects that it causes. Mold has been known to cause mild irritation as well as severe respiratory illness. In extreme cases, these symptoms can require hospitalization, especially when asthma is involved.

Do You Have Mold In Your AC?

Mold can cause respiratory problems that can range from mild to severe.

Talk With Houston Admiral

Houston Admiral can help you with your AC unit if it is developing mold. However, if the cost to remove mold from your AC is just as much as replacing it, then you may want to get a new AC. This can be a significant expense, but when repairs and maintenance are equally as expensive, then its usually the best option. If you have a specific unit you want, but it doesn’t fit into your budget, then you can check out Houston Admiral’s financing options. One of the options we offer 48 months of no interest with approved credit. Give us a call at (281) 876-9400 to learn more about our services and financing. Don’t let mold ruin your AC unit, give Houston Admiral a call today.