The price of a new air conditioner can surprise some homeowners. However, remember that a new unit is designed to last anywhere between ten to twenty years. When you do the math, the price of anew air conditioner is very reasonable, especially when you consider the comfort it provides. And not only does a new AC make you more comfy, but it can actually keep you safe from heat-related and air-borne illness.

Besides, your new air conditioner doesn’t have to be a hefty expense when you purchase from Houston Admiral. In addition to regular specials, we offer great financing on units that are already reasonably-priced. But if you’re still having reservations about buying a new unit, you can always try out one of these other methods to keep your home cool.

Cypress Heating and Cooling Services Near Me

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Open The Doors And Windows…

…and hope for a cool breeze! Of course, you might have mixed results with this suggestion, but watching the weather channel can improve your chances of success.

Wear Less Clothes

Less clothing can cool you off. That is, unless you’ve already tried this method and you’re still overheated.

Wear More Clothes

This might sound counterproductive, but wearing more clothing might actually cool you down. You’ll sweat profusely, but that’s the whole point. That being said, be sure to drink plenty of water.

Take an Ice Bath

Dump a bag of ice into a tub of cold water. If you can stand the cold, this might actually be your best option. However, we’re not quite sure how you’ll get any work done around the house this way.

Cypress Heating and Cooling Services Near Me

A new AC is the best way to keep your home cool.

All Jokes Aside, Call Houston Admiral

Of course, all of the suggestions listed above are satirical and we in no way hope that you follow any of them. The best thing to do would be to call Houston Admiral at (281) 876-9400 and ask how we can help you replace your air conditioner. Our products and services are reasonable, and dependable. Help us help you by giving us a call today.