Hurricane Harvey Recovery

Houston Admiral is here to help

Now that the floodwater from Hurricane Harvey is gone, Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, and so many other areas we are now in the process of getting back to normal life. What do we do now to get back to normal? One of the first things to do is to make sure your most expensive appliances are in working order.

Here are a few things to note about your residential HVAC or commercial HVAC system:

Is it safe to turn my AC unit on after being flooded? Do not turn on the unit if you suspect it has water damage.

If you suspect your unit was in more than 2 inches of water. Get the system checked by a local and licensed contractor. Electrical components are up high in the outdoor unit, also called the condensing unit. There are four components in the unit: The compressor that sits at the bottom of the unit, the fan motor that is on the top of the unit, the condenser coil, and the electrical components.

The Compressor (heart of the system): Remember your compressor is basically sitting on the ground. If your compressor was sitting in water not only could it stop working immediately but there could be damage to the terminals from rusting on the metal connections.

Outdoor Fan Motor: Even though your fan motor is at the highest point on the outdoor unit the wires going to it are lower in the unit. You could have damage from the wires sitting in water.

Outdoor Coil: This is basically a radiator for your unit. If it gets clogged with dirt it can’t work as efficiently. Dirty coils could lead to many other problems in the future. You must have your unit chemically cleaned to ensure it is clean and air can properly flow through.

Electrical Components: All electrical connections can possibly oxidize or rust. All these components should be inspected before operation. These components will sometimes hold water causing them to short out. This will cause AC not to work or possibly cause the compressor to stay permanently on, causing the indoor coil to ice over or damage the compressor

Turn to your local licensed contractor

When it comes to your air conditioning system don’t take a chance on hoping it’s working fine. It is the most expensive appliance in your home and an inspection could save you thousands later from an underlying problem caused by excessive water. Make sure you use a local company that you trust when having someone look at your system.