If you need to replace your current furnace, then you may be wondering what the best options are. You may also be curious as to what kind of furnace you should get. Depending on how your last furnace operated, you may be more inclined to look at alternative models. How do you know which furnace is right for you? Follow these tips.


You want to make sure you get the right-sized furnace. A smaller furnace will not heat your house enough while a large furnace may spend too much electricity when running. Find the right size by measuring the BTUs with the size of your home. BTU stands for British Thermal Units and is used to measure the heat output of a furnace. You may also look at your old furnace to gauge the size of what you are looking for.

Fuel Source

Furnaces range in a number of fuel sources, but the most common is electric, gas, and oil. Gas is the most popular furnace type because it is the most readily available across the United States. Gas is also more economical than the alternatives. On average, it is 30 to 50% cheaper to heat your home than other furnace types. You may be more inclined to buy an electric furnace because they are cheaper overall, but they cost significantly more to keep running.

Relief from allergies and illness

Keep allergies and particles out of the air with a high-end filter.

The Filter

The furnace is going to spread air all over your house, which means it may be spreading other things in the air as well. The best way to avoid that is by purchasing a high-end air filter. Those who have allergies or asthma would benefit from such a filter because it would collect more particles passing through. Additionally, it will last longer than standard filters, which will save you money over time.

Get it Installed by Houston Admiral

Once you have made your decision on your furnace, then call Houston Admiral to get it installed. We can help you make sure it stays up and running through the winter months and keeps you warm. Houston Admiral offers several other services, which you can look over on our website. Furthermore, you can call us at (281) 876-9400 to ask any questions you may have.