When it comes to your furnace, you never want to risk it getting too old and inoperative. To avoid having an outdated heater, contact Houston Admiral for a maintenance check. At Houston Admiral, we’ll check your furnace to see if it requires any repairs, tuning, or replacement. We offer overall maintenance on many different systems in your home, but sometimes specific units are too far gone for several reasons. No matter the reason, though, Houston Admiral can aid you in replacing the system. First, we’ll go over ways for you to determine if your furnace needs to be replaced.

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1. Your Furnace is Well Over 15 Years Old

The lifespan of a heater is anywhere from 20 to 30 years. However, many experts on air quality control highly recommend looking for a new furnace after 15 years. While it may last you five or ten years longer, those years will be full of issues that will just cost you more in the long-run.

2. Your Energy Bills are Slowly Increasing Every Month

An outdated furnace works overtime to generate the correct amount of heat. Due to the extra work, it consumes more energy and bumps up your monthly energy bill. While noticing a repair with your furnace by sight is challenging, noticing consistent increases in your statements is easy enough to spot.

3. The Varying Rooms in Your Home are Mixed Temperatures

With an older furnace comes varying temperatures. Distributing heat becomes difficult, and some rooms become colder than any others. To test your furnace, simply set all the rooms to the same temperature and check on them periodically to see which rooms are colder than the other ones.

4. The Registers in Your Home are Covered in Soot

Your furnace registers are the vents where the heat comes from. If they appear to be covered in soot, then chances are your furnace is getting cold. Soot means that your furnace has high levels of CO2. This build-up will continue, which means that the furnace needs to be replaced.

5. A Noisy Furnace

Finally, if your furnace makes a noticeable amount of noise that gradually gets louder, then your furnace needs replacing. There’s not much to it beyond that.

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