The quality of the air you breath has a significant impact on your health. Walls, carpets, rugs, and furniture are more than capable of harboring pollutants. Pollutants are chemicals, gasses, dust, dirt, pollen, hair, pet hair, and anything else, reducing the quality of the air.

There are a number of immediate and long-term effects linked to poor indoor air quality. Above all, it is important for air to be clean; otherwise, it has harmful effects on those who breathe it in. Houston Admiral is here to provide healthy indoor air quality solutions for residential and commercial clients.

Immediate Effects

Coughing, sneezing, irritated eyes, dizziness, and fatigue are just a few immediate effects of poor air quality.

The immediate effects of poor air quality are not as serious as what might come. Moreover, the immediate effects are similar to other conditions. So, you may not be aware the air quality is the cause of the illness. For example, coughing, sneezing, and headaches are common symptoms of other conditions.

Often times, the treatment of these conditions is simply cleaning the air or removing what is causing poor air quality. Unfortunately, the long-term effects are potentially debilitating or even fatal. The immediate effects may also appear in those who already have a respiratory disease such as asthma. Those with asthma may also fall victim to the immediate effects of pollutants.

Long-Term Effects

Research suggests those exposed to poor indoor quality are at a higher risk of developing cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases. It is important to note every person responds to pollutants differently. With that said, exposure to pollutants does not guarantee the development of such diseases.

Houston Admiral offers indoor air quality solutions for residential and commercial clients. Furthermore, our solutions use state-of-the-art technologies such as Aerus air scrubber. This device attaches to an air duct and removes pollutants from the air. NASA even uses the Aerus air scrubber. It ensures the astronauts have purified air on their journeys.

Houston Admiral’s Indoor Air Quality

Houston Admiral knows how important your indoor air quality is. We want to help homeowners and businesses develop healthy environments. If you are interested in the Aerus air scrubber or other indoor air quality services, then contact our team at (281) 876-9400. You can also find more information about our residential services on our website.