HVAC Buy Back Program

At Houston Admiral, we meet customers every day whose homes and offices are not as comfortable as they would like because their HVAC system is not running or working efficiently.  In these cases, many customers will choose to repair their unit rather than replace it because the technician is on site, and it would seem to be the most effective way to make the space comfortable again.

Question: If you have been in this situation, if it wasn’t for the need to quickly heat or cool your home or office, would you have considered options for replacement vs repair?

The Cost of Continuing to Repair an Aging HVAC System

Did you know that an HVAC system that is older than 10 years may be better suited for replacement rather than repair?

  • Older systems may not have a warranty to help cover the cost of expenses
  • Older systems require 20-35% more energy than newer, more efficient systems

Take a look at what an aging HVAC system will cost you over the next three years:

  • Estimated utilities $200/month x 20% = $40 in overpayment per month
  • Utility overpayment of $480 a year for three years = $1440
  • Estimated repair cost: $250

Cost to continue to repair and run an aging system: $1690

Does continuing to maintain an older system make sense when Houston Admiral offers an HVAC buyback program that can help you eliminate utility overpayment and repair costs?

How our HVAC Buy Back Program Works

Step One: Contact us to come out and take a look at your current HVAC system

Step Two: If you qualify, we will offer to buy back your HVAC system for credit that you can put toward a new, more efficient system.

Step Three: You’ll save money month to month on energy

Step Four: We will give your current system to someone in need of an A/C system so everyone wins.

Contact us today to get the buy back process started!