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Have you spent hours searching for a dependable and highly rated Houston TX AC service? Good news then, Houston Admiral is one of the highest-rated, trustworthy AC companies in the Houston area. We provide numerous services related to ACs such as repair, installation, maintenance, cleaning, and much more. We provide services to both businesses and homeowners. So whatever Houston TX AC service you might be looking for, know that you can trust us to take the best care of your AC units at reasonable prices.

The importance of an A/C Unit

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It is important to know how your AC system works and how to maintain it.

AC stands for air conditioning. A standard AC unit works alongside other systems in your HVAC (heating,

ventilation, air conditioning) units to provide your home with ideal living conditions. Generally, any cooling system is now labeled as an AC. The actual AC unit itself is composed of a few different parts that require proper handling and maintenance. With proper handling and care, AC units can last for years.

If you’ve been living in the Houston area for a substantial period of time, you’re most likely aware that the weather conditions here can get pretty hot. So what do most people do when their homes get hot? They turn on the A/C, which is entirely normal and okay. Running the A/C when you’re hot is a natural response and a great way to cool down. 

However, running the A/C for an extended time in temperatures over 95° F causes some problems. These problems arise whenever the A/C is frequently left on for a long time and maintenance is neglected. Routine maintenance is vital to your AC unit’s health. It’s no wonder most broken AC units need repairs during the summer. People run their AC units all day on full blast without any scheduled maintenance. In addition, AC units are generally placed outside. This means that many people tend to forget about their system and its maintenance.

Proper AC maintenance

There are multiple ways that you can keep your AC (and overall HVAC) units in top shape. You can start by making it a habit to replace your filters as soon as they start getting clogged. How often you need to change your filters depends on the quality of filters that you buy. A cheap filter is going to need replacement after a few weeks. We recommend purchasing high-quality filters. Not only do they provide better protection against particles and such, but they don’t need to be replaced all that often. A good quality air filter can even last for months.

It would help if you also made sure that the refrigerant in your AC unit is full and able to cool. The refrigerant is what cools down the air that blows through your house. Chances are that your unit’s refrigerant might be running low if your AC isn’t cooling your home down. Your unit’s condenser coils also need to be cleaned, especially when spring hits. These tiny coils work by absorbing the heat let out from your refrigerant and releasing it into the air. You can make this a home project for yourself. But not everyone has that amount of time, so contact Houston Admiral if you need assistance.

Here are some other things you can do to keep your AC unit running efficiently:

  • Lubricate motors and gears. 
  • Remove and dispose of any debris or trash located in or around your AC unit. 
  • Reassess the unit and ensure that all cables, screws, coils, and other tidbits are adequately secured in their rightful place. 

Learn more about how to properly maintain your AC unit here.

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Poor air quality results in allergies, asthma, and more.

Additional benefits

Protecting the temperature in your home is just one benefit of taking care of your AC unit. Taking good care via a

proper AC maintenance routine can also help the air quality in your home. If filters go too long without being replaced, the AC unit in your home will begin to accumulate piles of dust and pollen. Not only will these contaminants be circulating throughout your home, but having your AC unit become clogged can also damage your system. This happens because AC units have to work twice as hard when trying to blow air through clogged and dirty filters.

Other contaminants such as bacteria and viruses can also be found in neglected AC units. No one wants these types of pollutants to be circulating throughout their home. These contaminants cause allergies, asthma, shortness of breath, and potentially even respiratory disease. It isn’t a surprise to hear that many people actually run their AC units to get rid of these infectious particles. In fact, even the CDC recommends using fans and HVAC units to help drive airflow in homes so that contaminants can be eradicated. This is especially important as of recently due to the rise of the COVID-19. 

The best Houston TX AC service

Okay, so maybe you still find yourself in a jam about adequately handling your AC unit. That’s fine! These things can get complicated, and not everyone has the time on their hands to routinely take care of their HVAC units. That’s why you need to work with a trusted and efficient AC company. 

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Here at Houston Admiral, we pride ourselves on offering the best service for all of your AC needs or concerns. We are a family-owned business that only hires and keeps the most trusted individuals in the industry. Our trusted team of certified individuals is all trained in the newest techniques. They know how to take care of any HVAC-related problem you might have. 

You might also be interested in our other services! We also do furnace and other HVAC system installations, AC unit repairs, heating installations, indoor air quality adjustments, and much more. We are available Monday through Friday on an 8 am – 5 pm basis. On that note, however, we do understand that emergencies happen and are somewhat unpredictable. That is why we also offer 24/7 emergency repair with NO additional costs or overtime rates. This includes weekends and after-hours. So go ahead and give us a call or visit our contact page to get in touch with us today. We’re the best Houston TX AC service in the area

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