How To Properly Care For Your AC

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An essential part of homeownership is periodically performing adequate maintenance on your air conditioner. A daily maintenance schedule saves you money in the long run, minimizing repair or replacement needs. A well-kept air conditioning unit will last well over 10 years. Below, we outline a few basic maintenance tips which can boost your unit’s overall durability and reliability.

Changing the Filter

The air filter absorbs dust and contaminants that are invisible, thereby preventing allergens and irritants from passing into your home. The airflow reduces as the filter absorbs more dirt. The filter would, therefore, become less effective at keeping the air clear. You may experience elevated allergies or have trouble breathing if the filter is too clogged to do its job properly.

How much you will change the filter for your air conditioner depends on the time of year. You should change your filter regularly during the extreme-temperature months (summer and winter). Change your filter at least once a season, during the other seasons.

When you find that your air filter has to be adjusted more often than usual, you may have a more severe problem. We will get to the bottom of air quality problems at Houston Admiral, and you can breathe safely in your own home again.

Cleaning the Outside Unit

The outdoor air conditioning unit is exposed to weather elements. Debris like leaves or garbage may build up from outside. Not to mention, the fan blades gather debris, and the fins could become bent. All of this will obstruct airflow and affect the performance of your device. When cleaning your unit carefully, observe the user manual of your unit. Consider using rough, abrasive materials such as a power washer or a hard-bristle brush, unless otherwise indicated.

You don’t have to do with all the dirty work by yourself. Houston Admiral technicians carry all the right equipment to do even the hardest cleaning jobs successfully.

How To Properly Care For Your AC

Let us show you how to properly care for your AC unit.

Check Your Thermostat

In addition to energy savings, there is another explanation for not operating the air conditioner twenty-four hours a day: it can shorten the unit’s life. The pieces are getting worn faster. Therefore, replacements or repairs may be needed. Setting the thermostat will avoid those drawbacks. Set the thermostat to turn off when a particular temperature hits. Alternatively, you can switch to a programmable thermostat, which will adapt to your schedule.

Experienced technicians at Houston Admiral will add a programmable device to your home quickly. You can save the life of your air conditioner and still have a cold house on your way home from work!

Let Us Care For Your AC

Running the air conditioning unit properly can be a challenging job. Routine maintenance is done by Houston Admiral. Let us take care of your device. Call us today at (281) 876-9400 or email us here to learn more about our residential and commercial property service contracts.