How Your AC Keeps Your Home Clean

Having an AC can help keep your home clean. Contact Houston Admiral today for more information.

We often don’t think about our AC keeping our homes clean. When we have an AC, we enjoy the cool air it gives us, however, what other benefits does that cool air have. Your AC doesn’t just cool the air. It also dehumidifies it. This can have multiple health benefits, and some of this comes from the lack of things growing in your home.

So, how does your AC unit keep your home clean?


The filters in your unit have multiple uses. These filters can help you to keep dust, pollen, spores, and other air pollutants from circulating through your home. Removing these pollutants from your home will help you to breathe better and reduce symptoms of asthma, allergies, and more. This will also keep your home cleaner because it will filter out dust and pet dander that can collect on various surfaces.

Fewer Insects

Having cooler air in your home will keep insects and other bugs from wanting to be in your home. Also, because of the less humidity in your house, they will prefer the outside to the dry cold indoors. The air filters can also catch bugs that get lost inside your house. So, if you make sure to change those, often you will find that you will have less dust and bugs in your home.

Less Mold Growth

With less humidity, you won’t be able to grow mold as quickly. Mold enjoys damp, warm places where it can grow on surfaces freely. With an AC unit, you can keep it cool and dry, which will inhibit the growth of mold. If you reduce your mold spores, then you can breathe better and have better health. There’s a reason why black mold is called toxic mold. Mold will cause problems with your respiratory system and can cause headaches, fatigue, among other symptoms.

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