If you’re not sure how to properly carry out HVAC System Maintenance, Houston Admiral is here to help. Below you can find tips on ensuring your HVAC systems runs smoothly and efficiently. However, if you notice something isn’t quite right with your system, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our expert team can efficiently and easily carry out any repair work that needs done on your system.

HVAC System Maintenance

Keep your outdoor unit clear of any debris or foliage to ensure a smooth operating system.

HVAC System Maintenance

If you want to ensure your HVAC system stays in great condition, it is crucial you keep on top of maintenance. It may require a bit of effort, but the time and money it will save you in the future is completely worth it. Preventative maintenance and regular maintenance can help keep your system running smoother for longer.

Air Filters

First things first, you need to be sure you are changing the air filters regularly. Disposable filters are key to your system running smoothly. They keep your air quality high by trapping outdoor particles.

However, they won’t be able to do this effectively if you aren’t changing your filters. There are right and wrong filters depending on the system you have. If you want to ensure your home is achieving maximum air quality, contact Houston Admiral today, and we can help you determine which air filters are best for you. How often you change your filters will vary depending on the type; however, it is recommended you change them every 1-3 months.

Outdoor System Maintenance

Most people don’t give their outdoor unit much thought. As long as their system is running efficiently, they neglect proper care of the outside unit. However, ensuring the area around your unit stays clear is vital to your system’s operation. If leaves, branches, or more surround your HVAC equipment, your HVAC unit could get clogged. This could affect your home’s heating or cooling and, more importantly, could damage your system.

That is why it’s so essential you carry out regular maintenance on your system’s outdoor area. If your system has become clogged with leaves or anything else, you may want to get your system professionally inspected to ensure no damage has occurred. Contact Houston Admiral today to learn all about our HVAC services and how we can help.

HVAC System Maintenance

Choose Houston Admiral to keep your HVAC System Maintained.

Professional HVAC Maintenance

The number one way to ensure your system is running as well as it can be is to get it maintained by a professional service. The experts at Houston Admiral can provide a thorough inspection of your entire system. Professional maintenance is recommended twice a year. People rely on their systems the most during the summer for cooling and winter for heating.

When you choose Houston Admiral, we can schedule your system maintenance checks just before these periods. That way, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to brave the harsh winter or scorching summer with a reliable and effective system.

If repairs are needed, we can gladly talk you through your options and offer you a great financial package. Call us at (281)-876-9400 to learn more about our commercial and residential services and choose Houston Admiral whenever you need HVAC System Maintenance.