Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is a topic that most of us do not discuss during our daily lives. But, really it should be a topic of conversation. Indoor Air Quality is so important because research shows that it is critical for good health. And because most individuals spend a significant amount of time indoors. You want the air that your breathing in to be of good quality. You do not want be breathing in chemicals or other pollutants. Some things that can affect your Indoor Air Quality is, mold, allergens, bacteria, and carbon monoxide. These air offenders can cause headaches, eye irritation, allergies, and fatigue. What it boil down to is, bad air makes you feel worse and you are less likely to be productive.

Now that we know why Indoor Air Quality is so important. You are probably wondering, “Well how I can make sure that my Indoor Air Quality is good?” “How can I know that I do not have these air offenders in my house?” Those are both really god questions and you can measure your air quality at home. All you will need is a special tool called a VOC sensor. Which measures volatile organic compounds that could be present in your home.

If you have measured you air quality and have found problems. It is relatively easy to improve. First, you could use more ventilation to let fresh air in and this also cuts down on the problem of mold. Second, you could use air cleaners that remove particles from the air. Which can easily be found at a local hardware store.

Your Indoor Air Quality is important in giving you a better way of living. It is important to remember that these air offenders will cause you greater harm than good and can be prevented. 

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