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Indoor Air Pollution and its Effects on your Health

When you own a home or a commercial business, the last thing you want to worry about is the air quality. In our current environment, the air quality of facilities we own is usually the last thing on our mind. Consequently, many people tend to roam around unbothered and oblivious to indoor air pollutants like mold spores and chemicals. Not only is this dangerous for your health, but it is dangerous for the earth too. 

Air quality normally refers to the overall ozone quality in and around the buildings you own or operate in. More specifically, the air quality that directly relates to and affects you and your occupant’s health and comfort.

By actively understanding and controlling the most common pollutants in the space around you, you play a huge part in helping decrease health concerns. Normally, if you have been affected by indoor air pollutants, you will experience the effects fairly soon after and should seek medical attention. 

Effects of poor air quality can include but are not limited to headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Most concerning about these side effects is that you could experience these as a result of virtually anything. Therefore, many customers fail to think twice about the quality of the air they’re breathing.

Overall, poor air quality can lead to much more dire side effects if your body is left to inhale long-term. That is why actively replacing your air filters when need be and making sure that you are always checking for mold and other contaminants is so important. Houston Admiral is proud to offer the air filter services Houston area residents need to ensure healthy air inside their home.

About your HVAC System 

If you are someone who is generally sensitive to the air around you, it is even more important to make sure that the air you are breathing is quality. If your HVAC system goes too long without regular maintenance and upkeep, it can increase the amount of dirt and allergens in your home. So, when the weather changes from hot to cool and crisp, turning your heating system can trigger the release of these contaminants throughout your home. 

HVAC systems are one of the most neglected systems in your home. Due to their secluded presence, it is fairly easy to forget to change the filters, check filtration, and clean on or around the system. As a result, many customers easily allow build-up to occur, resulting in poor air quality.

If you were physically able to see the contaminants and dirt that floated around your home as a result of a dirty unit, you would run straight out of your home. Even though you can’t see the harmful particles and chemicals, they are always lingering around your home. 

A simple fix for keeping contaminants out of your home is routine maintenance. It is so easy and simple to keep your air quality safe, and it starts with proper care of the systems in your home. You can easily replace your filters and clean around your system monthly. More than that, if you simply can’t find the time to do so, this is where companies like ours come into play. It is our job to keep you and the people you care about most safe while in any type of facility. 

Most in-home contaminants actually tend to go unnoticed. This is because most, if not all, indoor contaminants are odorless. Furthermore, many people’s allergies are worse during the hot or cold months, leading them to believe that their sneezing and congestion is just another symptom of the weather change outside.

Though there isn’t anything you can truly do to fix the weather outside, there are some things you can do inside of your home to reduce the effects of contaminants or prevent them all together. 

Another primary cause of indoor air pollutants is using sources that actively release particles or other gases into the air around you. Hence, by using these products, you increase the pollutant levels in the air, and when in a closed-in building, you reduce the amount of oxygen in the air around you. Some harmful pollutant sources include: 

  • Fuel and Combustion Appliances
  • Tobacco Products like cigarettes and smokes
  • Building materials that contain asbestos and other insulation
  • Strong chemical household cleaning products
  • Excessive moisture (Which leads to mold)
  • And outdoor pollutants like radon, farming pesticides, and other outdoor air pollution

One of the many options you have is choosing GoAdmiral from the start. 

Indoor Air Quality Services Greater Houston Residents Can Rely on Houston Admiral For:

With GoAdmiral, we can help prevent even the most serious of air pollutants from sitting and festering inside of your home. As a result, you’ll be able to trust that the places you visit the most are not only safe for you but safe for your employees, co-workers, and loved ones.

At GoAdmiral, we actively make contributions and efforts to the communities and businesses that need our services the most. Overall, we can help avoid allergy flare-ups and sickness due to mold or contaminants in your home. You’ll feel much safer with our team of experts by your side. 

Though we cannot possibly remove every single allergen and contaminant, we do our very best to remove most of them. By reducing the number of allergens and your exposure to them, we help keep you and the people who mean the most to you safe. 

We can help you make simple changes that will not affect your day-to-day routines. Moreover, our strategies are tried and tested to help you get the most out of our services. Furthermore, GoAdmiral offers competitive pricing and rates, so you never have to break the bank you keep you, your family, or your business safe. 

Houston Admiral also has various locations in and around the Greater Houston area. No matter where you are or what you need, we have a way of providing you with the most optimal services possible. We are a contracting service provider that can help eliminate air quality issues by installing the following in your home: 

  • Air conditioning installment, repair, replacement, tune-up, or maintenance.
  • Furnace replacement, installation, tune-up, filtration, or installation
  • Heater maintenance 
  • Indoor air quality maintenance with the use of filters and proper insulation
  • Seasonal Maintenance

In addition to our services, we always ask that our customers do their best to help reduce in-house contaminants that can get you and others sick. In any event, no matter what you need from Go Admiral, we can provide you with tried and true solutions that work. We want to provide you with the cleanest and most affordable solutions possible.

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