Are you curious to know why your AC unit is not working as good as you need it to? In the summer heat of Houston, sometimes it’s not always the AC that is broken. There are many different alternatives that could be causing your unit to ultimately fail at its job. These are essentially energy issues that are overwhelming your unit. This is not typically a result of lukewarm temperatures. It is a problem that arises with extreme heat and can be quite troublesome for even the strongest AC units.

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What is the best way to keep temperatures low?

Common Misconceptions With AC Units 

While you may have initially thought that your AC unit was breaking down, that might not always be the case. However, you could very well be right. Many people often think that air conditioning units are meant for the high heat but this is not exactly true.

Although yes, we use AC units to mitigate temperature levels, but the range of the temperature change is usually within a matter of 20 degrees or so. Yet, if you were to experience the extreme conditions of 100+ temperatures, your unit would be able to easily scale it down to 60. That is because of the challenges that begin to arise outside of the unit. Even if your unit is in mint condition, it will still have difficulties keeping the heat down.

Troubleshoot Your Home 

This is why we want to highlight some of the key areas that can be causing heat. Sometimes it may not always be a result of the sun outside. There could be other factors contributing to the increase. These issues may regard your ceiling and roofing that could have leakages or poor insulation. The problem can lead to a sauna-like atmosphere in the attic which can reach temperatures in excess of 120+. This will create a radiant convection oven that will raise the average temperature in the home immensely.

Windows Closed, Doors Lined, And No Dryer!

Make sure that you’re doing all you can to keep your home at low temperatures. This will help you AC perform the way it is supposed to. It will also help prevent any sort of damages from overworking the machine. Some of the best ways to control the temperature may be obvious, however, there are other remedies that might not have been so apparent.

Closing windows and doors is a definite must. If you are letting the cool air escape into the outside world, your AC is only going to end up doing twice to three times more work to keep those temperatures down. It can be very counter-productive.

Another situation can be from poorly lined doors or not using the fan enough. If you don’t keep a constant circulation, you can suffer from stagnant air that will eventually turn into convection currents as the air stratifies. The term stratification refers to hot air rising and collecting at the higher levels of the house.

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One way to protect your home from increasing to dangerous temperature levels is not to use any of the heat producing appliances. Such devices like the dryer or the stove/oven can cause the temperature levels to rise immensely as they attempt to operate. Try to refrain from using these machines at times of the day when it is at peak heat levels.

For more information and tips on how to keep your home cool, contact us now! Houston Admiral would be happy to inspect your home and find the best ways to control your air.