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If you have just turned on your furnace for the first time this winter, you may experience some issues. A common problem Houston Admiral is contacted for is furnaces blowing cold air. There are a handful of reasons this issue may arise. Fortunately, homeowners can use the following troubleshooting techniques before calling us.

In the case that your furnace does not improve from the tips provided, give Houston Amiral a call today. Each of the technicians is professional and experienced in heating and cooling systems. They will inform you of the issue and suggest the best solution possible.

The Fan Setting

Homeowners experiencing hot and cold air out of their furnace may want to check their thermostats fan setting. If your thermostat says the fan is on then, it will continue to run regardless of the furnace blowing hot or cold air. Instead of the on position, turn the thermostat setting to auto, so it adjusts accordingly.

Check the Air Filter

Heater Repair Experts

If none of these troubleshooting techniques work, one of our technicians can assist.

The air filter is an essential part of the furnace. If it is clogged, then the air filter stops airflow from exiting. The heat exchanger will then overheat, which subsequently leads the furnace to shut down its burners. So, turn off the furnace via the thermostat and check the air filter. Change it if it is dirty, or you can call Houston Admiral to help.

Is the Pilot Light Out?

Since 2010, gas furnaces have removed the standard pilot light feature. However, if you are still running an older model, the pilot light may be out. Turn off the furnace from the thermostat and then find the pilot light assembly. Inside, you should see a reset switch with three options: pilot, off, and on. Turn it to the off position for about five minutes. The gas leading to the pilot will shut off.

Then, turn the switch to the pilot position. Gas will begin flowing back toward the pilot light. Place a lighter near the pilot opening, and you should get a blue flame on the pilot. Then, turn the switch to the on position. Finally, turn the furnace back on at the thermostat.

Call the Professionals

If your furnace is still blowing hot air after these troubleshooting tips, then give Houston Admiral a call at (281) 876-9400. We would be happy to inspect the furnace and find out the problem. Be sure to visit our residential heating and cooling services page to find out more about what we can do for your furnace.