Lifetime Warranty

Houston Admiral is proud to be the only HVAC contractor that offers a lifetime warranty

Houston Admiral is proud to have the best warranty in all of Texas.

Houston AdmiralHouston Admiral is proud to have the best warranty in all of Texas. We are the only service company to offer our customers the chance to make their next air conditioner the last they will ever have to buy.

With a Houston Admiral’s HVAC lifetime warranty, your system is covered forever! Why settle for a standard manufacture’s warranty? Why not invest in the most expensive mechanical system in your home?

You will have to replace your air conditioning system again. Every year you’re AC loses efficiency. It’s only a matter of time before your system needs new parts or needs an ac replacement again! With a Spring, TX HVAC lifetime warranty, you will never pay for another part for your AC.

With over 20 years in the Spring, TX HVAC industry, we have discovered what it takes to maintain an air conditioning system. We understand that purchasing an air conditioning system can be a scary process. With Houston Admiral’s lifetime warranty, you can sleep easy knowing that your air conditioning system is always protected.

We stand behind our product 100%. Call us for more information about Houston Admiral’s Lifetime Warranty.