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If your AC unit has broken down, you may need a Conroe AC fix. Don’t worry! Houston Admiral has the solution for all of your AC issues, whatever they may be.

We have technicians that are highly trained and ready to work on any aspect of the unit. For your safety and confidence, each member has been through thorough background checks and they are all NATE certified. This means they have passed one of the most widely recognized tests for AC units.

They are able to work on all of the leading brands and have the authority to give you professional advice. When your AC stops working, don’t hesitate to come to Houston Admiral, we’ll be able to dispatch one of our technicians right away.

This is to ensure that your home has regulated air year-round. We don’t want you to spend a day without AC. Let us help fix the problem today!

What Consists Of A Conroe AC fix?

If you have one of our technicians come and service your unit, they will check for a variety of issues. We have put a majority of them on this list to help give you an idea of what to expect.

Each of them will be important to have fixed which is why they will go through and provide aid for one or all of these when they are on the job.

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  • Cleaning the condenser coils

    • The technician will be tasked with cleaning out the coils from any debris. Making sure that the fins of the coil are straight and also rinsed out. After this, the coils will be coated in a cleaner and finally flushed out. This will make certain that there are no further buildups.
  • Flushing the drain

    • The condensate drip from your drain is an important aspect of the unit. It removes the build-up of water from the system and keeps the flow manageable. However, if it gets too clogged it can cause problems. The clogs are buildups of debris that can get dirty over time.
    • The growth of algae or mold can cause adverse effects like bad odors that may infiltrate your home. It can be dangerous and otherwise unsavory so a technician will be of great help by clearing this out for you during the repair.
  • Replacing damaged or faulty electrical parts

    • In the event that your air conditioner is not providing cool air when you want it, that is usually a problem with the electrical parts of the unit. In this case, they may be damaged or faulty. The technician will be able to figure out what part is malfunctioning and help you replace it.
  • Adding new Freon

    • Another option that could be halting your cold air from dispersing is a lack of freon. This is a refrigerant that is used to keep the cool air. Sometimes a lack of this will not only cause hot air, but it will also contribute to moisture buildup as it is no longer keeping the water cold.
  • Changing and replacing the air filters

    • Although this is something that you can do yourself, it will be a good idea to let the technician replace them again during the repair or tune-up. This is just to keep a good record of your unit and to monitor its degradation or track issues that were going on. While it’s mundane, it still has a purpose and we want to make sure it’s functioning right, and for as long as possible!

Should I Get Regular Tune-ups?

In order to maintain the lifetime and durability of your AC unit, you should consider regular tune-ups and Conroe AC Inspections. This is due to the fact that your AC unit will degrade up to 3% each year. Without maintenance, there will be issues from long-term use that will eventually break down and affect other areas.

Sugar Land TX AC Financing

Want better air quality? Give us an air conditioning service call!

It is a good idea to get one of our service agreements to help take care of this. We will offer routine maintenance year-round for this plan and it will also include 2 repairs or tune-ups a year. Through these inspections and repairs, preventative maintenance will preserve your unit for much longer.

This will save you tons of money, too. Since 80% of repairs can be avoided through proper maintenance, this choice will be the most cost-effective.

Additionally, protecting it from degrading will ensure that it won’t use as much energy to work. When it gets older it usually has to use more than the original amount of power because of the older parts.

A preventative maintenance agreement will keep these parts in good condition for longer. That way, you won’t spend as much on your electricity bill either. As you can see, our service agreement really does pay for itself!

About Houston Admiral

Our company is family-owned and operated and we’ve been serving the Conroe area for several years now. We maintain a strong belief that quality workers create quality service, and we’ve upheld this since the very beginning.

The goal of Houston Admiral is to provide our customers with the best possible AC service in the region. You will be impressed by the customer service that you receive from our technicians.

All of them have been NATE certified and are well-versed in all of the leading brands on the market. We will happily spoil you with service, and that’s just a part of our company’s philosophy!

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A good performing AC unit will not only keep you comfortable all year long but will also keep you healthier. By providing protection to you from some of the outdoor issues like pollution or pollen, you’re able to enjoy the clean and fresh air as well.

If you need to have one of our technicians come and repair your AC, don’t hesitate to call us! We are available to help you now. You can reach us at (281) 876-9400 or simply visit our website. Otherwise, you can come to our location. We are looking forward to working with you!

Conroe, TX Fun Facts

  • The city is named after Northern-born Union Cavalry officer and Houston lumberman Isaac Conroe.
  • Conroe founded a sawmill there in 1881.
  • The city originally gained in wealth due to the lumber and oil industries.
  • For more information about Conroe, click here!