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Did you know that we offer Conroe air conditioner cleaning services? Houston Admiral wants to make sure that our customers in the Conroe area tune into our packages. We are providing a stellar high-quality service that keeps your home functioning at its optimal level. Our technicians can ensure that your machine is running well and it is cleaned to the best that it can be.

Usually, even if it’s just a cleaning, you will want a professional to do the job. This is because you want to be certain that there is nothing overlooked or neglected. Furthermore, the technician will be able to reach parts of the machine that you might not have the tools or know-how to look into.

This is just one of the many services that Houston Admiral provides, but it’s certainly one that should not be taken lightly. A good cleaning can revive the performance of your AC unit. Our air conditioning services in Conroe will keep your heating systems running to perfection.

Cleaning AC

We will make sure to provide great AC repair services, cleanings for your HVAC systems, and far more!

Filters First

This is without a doubt the most important cleaning job. We have to make sure that your airflow is not obstructed. The result could mean that you will increase your energy consumption by as much as 15%.

It’s very problematic are because the filter is filled with dirt, will send additional dirt and debris straight to the evaporator coils, which we will discuss after this section. That can also cost you a lot.

The main goal of this is to reduce the blockage so that normal airflow can resume. This will vastly minimize the amount of energy your unit has to use on a regular basis. Our technicians will be able to help with this, but you might be able to do it yourself if your central AC has filters reachable in your home.

You should consider cleaning or replacing them every 2 months, just to ensure that the build-up does not cause any other problems. We recommend the short period of use because if you have dogs or other pets that shed or other conditions that keep your home dirty, you could be putting more stress on your filter than normal. A good cleaning will help you assess this head-on.

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By cleaning the air ducts, we can greatly increase air quality for your air conditioning system.

Cleaning Out Your Coils

One of the more important parts of your unit is the evaporator and condenser coils. These may be rather self-explanatory as their name suggests their function.

They evaporate and collect the water for use. It’s a very critical aspect of your AC, and if they collect dirt or debris instead of water, you could be in for a real treat.

A clean filter will protect the evaporator from soiling too quickly, which essentially means that it can heat up without being overwhelmed by insulating debris. Of course, this coil will naturally build up dirt over long-term use, so you will want a cleaning regardless.

When dirt gets into this coil, it can potentially reduce the coil’s ability to heat up the water. That will force your unit to spend a long time heating up the water, and thus, more electricity is consumed.

Additionally, condenser coils are also going to be in need of a cleaning. This is in part due to the fact that these coils are usually placed outside the unit. They are then open to getting dirt or weather thrown onto them from all angles. This is especially so if there are plants nearby.

We recommend that you get a cleaning every year or so, but if you have an issue like this, you will be better of clearing out the area around your AC as well. These will save you tons of money in the long run!

What About The Clog In The Drain?

We have found in the past that condensate drains can cause a lot of problems for people. Over time, there will be a build-up of debris that gets passed through the drain. That is a natural by-product of the sediment that is in the water or even in the air. Essentially the drain clogging is a normal result of use. Heating and air conditioning can be drastically reduced, though.

However, many people don’t know about the drain and its use, so often times the problems of a clogged drain will not present themselves until it is too late. You will start to notice the build-up reduces the regulation of humidity in the home, and you will start to see excess moisture build-up. This is dangerous because it can tarnish wood and discolor walls or carpets.

In order to get around this issue, routine cleaning will help you prevent clogs from getting out of hand. We recommend that this is done once or twice a year just to be safe. We will clear the drain by running a wire into the drain and clearing out the clogging. The result is a lot smoother functioning AC, and we’re certain you’ll be quite grateful!

Checking Out Your Room Air Conditioners

Understanding how you can make your air conditioners more efficient is a part of the cleaning process. For example, if you are not keeping your room AC in a location that is airtight and secure, you will have losses.

This is something that will happen due to all of the free space between the unit. The objective of this unit is to control and regulate the airflow into the home. When there is space, you will not have that control.

As a result, when the summer starts and all of the humidity that builds up in the system or around the hot unit will start to build up, and it can damage both the unit and the window. Instead of having to pay more for electricity or window repairs, we will be able to provide you with suggestions on how to fit your AC in your home more effectively, so you don’t lose any more cool air.

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When you get a Conroe air conditioner cleaning service from us, you will be doing the best for your unit. A clean AC will perform far better than you could imagine, especially if your unit has been dirty for a long time.

Sometimes, all of that dirt and grime built up over time will spill into the air and reduce the quality. This can be unsavory and, in the worst-case scenario, dangerous for the inhabitants of the house. We also offer Conroe Air Conditioner Tune-Up to keep your unit running for as long as possible.

In order to stay on top of something such as this, cleaning is often recommended. Houston Admiral is happy to provide you with the service that will revive your AC. We understand that we are helping people enhance the comfort of their own homes or businesses, and we are truly grateful. The results are certainly something to cherish.

That’s why we are one of the best HVAC companies in Conroe TX. If you would like to set up your appointment for a cleaning, or you would like to know a little more about the services we offer, give us a call at (281) 876-9400 or visit our website. We are looking forward to working with you!


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