Conroe Air Conditioner Tune Up

Have you gotten a Conroe air conditioner tune-up yet? When it comes to tune-ups, these little aspects should not be taken lightly. It can dramatically change the performance of your unit, especially if you have not been inspected for a long time. Imagine if it has been years since your last inspection.

You may not even recognize your old AC unit because, after our tune-up, it’ll be working so much better. That’s one of the little blessings that we are honored to bestow upon our customers.

Some of them are blown away by the changes we can provide. This is the result of great maintenance, and we hope to instill good habits in our clients.

Conroe Commercial HVAC Companies

Best of Conroe Commercial HVAC Companies, we will increase your indoor air quality!

Changing Out Your Refrigerants

When you have one of our technicians come out to inspect your HVAC system, you will find that one of the first things they check is the levels of refrigerant in the system.

By that, we mean that there is only a certain amount that is allowed to be in the unit, and any more will be toxic for nearby entities. That will include you, your home, and the AC unit!

To ensure that the levels are balanced and there are no leaks or breaks in the wiring, the technician will also use a leak detector to check for the amounts of refrigerant in the air. This can be a rather dangerous part of the inspection because of the toxicity, so you want to make sure that you have professionals take care of this.

Finally, if there is a leak of any sort, you will be relieved to know that the technician can capture this refrigerant. They will be able to remove it from the air and avoid any damage. This is a great asset that we have available, and you will be in a much safer position, thanks to our technicians. If you think we have this issue, please let us know right away because it can be dangerous.

Check For Leakages & Airflow

Refrigerant leaks are not the only leaks that you will have to worry about. There are a lot of fluids in this machine that needs to be checked and rechecked over time. That will consist of the oil in the motor, the air, and the water that is also used. If there are leaks from any of these fluids, you will need a technician to do Conroe Air Conditioning Repairs.

To make sure that there are no leaks, they will check the seal ducts for any buildup in fluids. This is one of the most common places to see water build-up, so if there is not any here, you should be alright.

Furthermore, they will also check whether you are losing cool air from any place. They’ll look into the strength of the airflow coming from your evaporator coils. Then, they will determine if there are any losses high enough to merit repairs.

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Best of Conroe TX for air conditioning tune-up service that will help increase your AC system’s efficiency and save you money!

Electrical Inspection

One area of the unit that is going to be very difficult to do yourself is to inspect the electric parts. Essentially, when there are no issues with any of the other parts of the unit, yet there are still malfunctions, then the problem is in the electrical components. This is something that requires experts to look into because the repairs are now a necessity.

To make sure that your unit is running fluidly, the technician will check out the electric control sequence. This is what determines when the heating system is on and when the cooling system is on.

They are calibrated to be used in singular instances, so one should not be on while the other is running. If so, you will have issues like poor air cooling/heating. Also, tack on a huge electric bill because of the dual-use.

Furthermore, the technician will take a look at all of the electric terminals. Through a series of tests, our team will determine if anything needs to be more secured, tightened, or cleaned up. This is important because when you look into this, you may not find a problem but rather the precursor to a problem.

Conroe HVAC Contracted Service

This will consist of AC repair and AC tune-ups!

Service Agreements Available!

To help with this, we have amazing service agreements that will help you keep maintenance on your unit. The service plans that we offer can range from 1 year of service to whatever custom schedule you would like after that year.

This will include two repair trips and tune-ups that also come along with inspections and preventative maintenance too.

This is a very cost-effective trade-off because we can help you save so much money. It has been proven that our preventative maintenance will avoid 80% of the repairs that your unit will require overtime. This can nullify some of the costs that you might be stuck in within other circumstances.

Furthermore, the unit will degrade 1-3% every year, but the maintenance service will help reverse that. Degradation will cause the unit to work harder than normal, which costs more electricity and, thus, money. With our help, you will find that these sorts of costs are mitigated.

Contact Us For A Conroe Air Conditioner Tune-up!

When you get a Conroe air conditioner tune-up from Houston Admiral, you are investing. This is especially if you get our service agreement. Not only can that plan pay for itself after all the costs it cuts, but our maintenance and tune-ups are also going to do wonders for the HVAC performance in your home.

This is a great way of keeping your home efficient and comfortable. We don’t want our customers to have to pay more because their machine isn’t kept up to par. To protect from this, we want to keep our customers aware of the problems that could arise.

Only then can you make efforts to change the problems? If you want to go ahead and set up a tune-up or start with our service agreements, give us a call at (281) 876-9400 or visit our website for more information. Get in touch with us. We hope to hear from you soon!


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