Conroe Air Conditioning Service

Are you in need of a great Conroe Air Conditioning Service provider? Fortunately, Houston Admiral can fulfill all of your HVAC needs. We have been serving Houston and all surrounding areas since 1990, which means we now have almost 20 years of service under our belts. We are nothing but reliable, honest, and efficient workers who are dedicated to ensuring your comfort within your home or business.

When it comes time for your AC system to get checked out, you may feel intimidated by the possibilities. After all, HVAC repair or replacement isn’t known for being cheap expenses. However, with Houston Admiral, you can save money during this time and also have the repairs done as they are needed. This way, you won’t have to put this issue aside or sacrifice your comfort.

In this article, we want to tell you about our air conditioning services and everything else we offer at Houston Admiral.

Conroe Air Conditioning Service

Conroe Heating And Air

High-Quality Conroe Heating And Air Company

When you are in need of air conditioning service in Conroe TX, Houston Admiral can come to your rescue. If you need a tune-up, standard maintenance, and repairs, or installation and replacement services, get in touch with us.

Whatever it is, we are the experts in your area who can handle anything when it comes to your HVAC system. During any season, your heating and air conditioning systems are essential to your comfort while at home. Because of this, we prioritize helping you fix this problem immediately.

During the summer months in Texas, Houston heat is continuously making a comeback. Soon, the summertime will be in full swing, and don’t forget the humidity.

If you want to be comfortable inside your home despite the heat, you will need an AC system that functions properly the entire time. If you are having issues or would like some standard maintenance done, our company is the proper fit for you. We are interested in keeping our community comfortably cool during this summer.

Services at Houston Admiral

When you sign up for services with us, we have more to offer than the base repairs. In fact, when you work with us even more options become available to you.

We promise to never fail you, as we are extremely faithful providers. We take our services very seriously and want to make sure you are getting the best experience possible when you need HVAC services. In the case that you need more incentive, take a look at our other benefits that our clients experience. With one phone call, you can enjoy these benefits as well!

24/7 Emergency Service

Our emergency service calls are taken 24/7. In the case that your air conditioner shuts down, or if you are experiencing a related safety hazard, we can arrive at your location promptly to help you out.

Our emergency services are special because a lot of HVAC repair companies do not offer this service. Furthermore, we won’t charge you after-hours fees. Whatever you need, we are ready to come to your rescue.

Annual Service Contracts

We have found that annual service can prevent almost 80% of issues from becoming big problems in the first place. When you sign up for our service contract, a technician will visit your home or business twice a year to perform a tune-up and any needed, minor maintenance.

In the case that a problem is developing, they will be able to catch it before it becomes worse. We find that your AC system will deteriorate between 1 and 3% every year in the meantime, so get it checked out!


We have many financing options available to all of our clients. We do this because we understand that AC repairs are rarely ever budgeted for in advance. It is also offered for new units. We are your one-stop for Conroe Carrier AC.

You likely were not expecting this situation, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be resolved in time. Through our financing options, you can make sure that you are covered for all expenses during this time. We offer both the FTL Finance Lease and the FTL ESC Card on this page, where you can apply for both if you are interested.

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Great Conroe AC System Repair

AC System Repair

Our AC system repair is the best you’ll find in Conroe. Your AC unit needs to care like any other aspect of your home, especially when winter and summer are coming around the corner.

Over time, your systems will deteriorate and need regular maintenance to keep an eye on how they’re functioning. If you would like to preemptively set up an annual service plan with us, that can be arranged with ease. This plan will prevent any small issues from becoming much larger, more expensive ones to handle.

You don’t have to be intimidated by the thought of receiving AC service. At Houston Admiral, we have been operating our business for two decades. Every single one of our technicians is fully certified and highly recommended.

When they arrive at your door, you might find yourself wishing you’d called before! They will handle your situation with an efficient and professional ease that only people like them possess. We have full faith in our technicians and know that our great customer service will win you over and bring you back for more.

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Call (281) 876-9400 to contact Houston Admiral representatives. If you would like to send us a written email instead, visit our location page.

Once we are in contact with one another, we will be able to discuss your problems and what all of your options are for service. We can do anything, repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement!

If you wait until the Houston summer is upon us, you might regret it. Instead, get us on the phone so that we can talk about fixing your AC system. Houston Admiral can meet all of your Conroe Air Conditioning Service needs.

Conroe, TX Fun Facts:

  • The entirety of Conroe is within an area of 72 square miles.
  • Conroe is named after Union Calvary Office Isaac Conroe, who founded a sawmill there in 1881.
  • Conroe is classified as a principal city within the Houston-Woodlands-Sugar Land metro area.
  • To learn more about Conroe, visit this page.