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If you’re living in Conroe Carrier AC units are available to you now, have you heard of them? This brand carries some of the best Air conditioning units in the world.

After all, they were the very first band ever to make the AC units period. That has got to stand for something, right? We have found that their consistency over the years is astounding. The products are always jumping off the shelf, and that’s how it should be. These machines function to the point of perfection.

They have amazing durability and will be a proper selection for your home under any condition. If you want to learn more about the history, the features, and how to get yours now, keep reading!

Houston Admiral writes these articles to support our customers and give them valuable information to keep them aware when they’re out shopping on the market. They are some of the best Conroe Heating And Air solutions.

History Of Carrier

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Willis Carrier, who was born in Angola, New York in 1876, was earning his engineering degree at the turn of the century. Yet, in 1901, his life would change forever. This was when he felt the spark that led him to discover an amazing feat. The spark that would eventually lead him to be known as the “Father of Air Conditioning.”


He was on a foggy train platform in Pittsburgh as a thought occurred to him. He could pass air through water to control how much humidity there was in the air and how hot it might be. Carrier built his invention after another year and provided the world with his incredible new creation.

People and businesses from around the globe became interested in his work, and a Carrier AC unit was sold every day to a new client. With their success, they were the most historical and highest rated AC unit brand ever. Houston Admiral is, therefore, very glad to support you and to offer your brands on our range.

  • The Sistine Chapel – Vatican City
  • Singapore Expo, Asia’s largest exhibition center – Singapore
  • The Great Hall of the People – Beijing, China
  • George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens – Virginia, U.S.
  • Galleria Degli Uffizi – Florence, Italy
  • The Great Library of Alexandria – Alexandria, Egypt

Just take a look at the amazing and wondrous landmarks that have taken up their services. At the time, this had never been thought of before. Houses and palaces alike lacked the indoor temperature regulation to maintain their homes properly.

In fact, it was a hugely devastating symptom for long-term sites or landmark locations that need the very temperamental humidity control that Willis theoretically claimed was possible. That’s why these locations use Carrier AC units because they require the best air conditioning possible, and Carrier provides just that.

What Features Does It Provide?

While they have an incredible history, that doesn’t matter as much as the function overall. However, fortunately, you won’t have to worry about that either. When it comes to Carrier AC units, you really are getting your bang for your buck. Put these air conditioners are one of the most advanced air conditioners on the market.

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They offer all of the usual services ranging from controlled cooling to time or scheduling regulation, but far more user-friendly. They have an unbelievably high SEER rating with the infinity series options from Carrier. A SEER rating is the ratio of the air conditioner’s cooling output over a typical cooling period, which is divided into watt-hours energy consumption.


Most of the Carrier sale options give you a 21 or higher SEER rating. After all, the rating scale Only up to 22! In other words, you receive a significant proportion of the energy conservation offered by the carrier units. This will be up to 70% of the return.

However, the soundproofing of your system is another wonderful feature that supports these AC units. You can enjoy peace and quiet, instead of having to hear all those loud and disgusting noises.

It will still be silent and muffled, even if your AC unit drives your home. The AC units of Carrier offers this unbelievable new aspect. After all, this is, for a reason, one of the best choices on the market. Houston Admiral is, therefore, so proud to support the brand!

We Offer Conroe Carrier AC Installation And Maintenance!

Our maintenance and installation options are so complete and comprehensive that you won’t even have to move. We will be able to set up your home’s AC system, and if you select our service agreement, we can keep it running year-round.

This means that you will get inspections, repairs, and all of the preventative maintenance measures that we deem fit for your system.

Studies have shown that this sort of service can help you avoid almost 80% of all the possible repairs your system may need. This means that you will have a much cheaper experience with your AC unit, and since our work also increases the lifetime of your unit, you can enjoy these savings even longer!

If you are interested in getting this service set up for you, let us know when you are getting your new unit. We can also offer a lifetime warranty on some of the products, so ask about this as well, you might be able to get a totally brand new AC unit without having to lift a finger!

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There are so many different units to choose from, but for Conroe, Carrier AC units will be your best option. You will get the best unit on the market, and when it’s coupled with Houston Admiral’s superior service, it’s unbeatable!

We will take care of your unit and consequently, your home with the utmost care. You will never have to move a finger to ensure that your home is getting the cool and warm air it needs when it’s needed.

That’s just the principle that Houston Admiral stands behind, and we are proud to provide this excellent service. We are able to offer these units for commercial or residential listings at our customer’s request.

They will be selected specifically on the needs and environmental conditions of the location to ensure that your unit will function optimally throughout the year. If you want to find out more information, give us a call at (281) 876-9400, or feel free to visit our website. Houston Admiral will take care of your AC system today, let’s get started!

Conroe, TX Fun Facts:

  • Check out Moorshead Blueberry Farm!
  • There are several historic Theaters in the city limits
  • Conroe also has a great brewery called Copperhead
  • For more information about Conroe, visit the city’s website!