Conroe HVAC Companies

You may need to call one of the Conroe HVAC companies sometime this summer. Do you know which business you would call? Of course, we recommend Houston Admiral? Have you heard of us? We provide a vast range of quality services and service a variety of HVAC brands.

Houston Admiral has over twenty years of experience providing heating and cooling systems services for families throughout Harris County and the greater Conroe area. We recommend that all families have an HVAC company they can trust on speed dial. With our 24/7 emergency HVAC service, who would you rather call? Keep reading below to learn more about our offers for home HVAC service.

You may have researched other companies but found their range of services too limited. Furthermore, they may not have provided additional services, such as maintenance or emergency service. At Houston Admiral, we know that customer service makes or breaks business relationships.

We aim to be the one and only HVAC company that your family needs. Therefore, we offer a range of services for your benefit. We offer these services at highly competitive costs, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the sake of your budget. Read more about our services and benefits below.

Conroe HVAC Companies

We provide top-quality residential and commercial HVAC services!

HVAC Repair and Replacement

We offer quick and high-quality repair services for air conditioners, furnaces, and their parts. Our technicians work on both gas and electric furnaces. We also know how to service high-efficiency AC units. Our technicians have years of experience working with brands such as Conroe Ruud AC, Goodman, and Trane.

If we are unable to repair your system or part due to excessive damage, we can replace it. We’ll install a completely new system or replace the malfunctioning part. We’ll discuss your options, risks, and costs.

You can make an informed decision about how you’d like us to proceed. If you need a new system or would instead do away with your old one, Houston Admiral is the only HVAC company in the area to provide a Lifetime Warranty on new equipment.

HVAC Maintenance and Service Contracts

If you’re lucky, you found us before your air conditioner became a problem. In that case, we recommend that you call our technicians for HVAC maintenance and tune-ups. While you can schedule maintenance at any time or interval, we recommend HVAC check-ups every six months or so. You want to get your unit tuned up after a period of extreme temperatures, such as the heat of summer.

Service Contacts

Houston Admiral offers service contracts for residential units. Don’t worry about forgetting about your next maintenance appointment with our service contracts. We’ll come out twice a year and give your unit a tune-up. If we see an issue, such as a worn part, you’ll know about it with our bi-annual checks before it becomes a real hassle. Plus, you’ll get discounts on repairs and replacements.

Regular maintenance won’t save your unit’s life, but it can definitely prolong it. Heating and air conditioning units are built to last 12-15 years. Without proper maintenance, some people have had to replace units after 5 or 7 years. Furthermore, did you know that 80% of AC repair could have been prevented with regular maintenance?

With our service contracts, you’ll notice that your unit runs more efficiently, and you’ll save money on your energy bill compared to before.

Save yourself a headache and ask us about our service contracts today.

Our Unique Services

Lifetime Warranty

A warranty provides the extra security you’d appreciate with the purchase of a new air conditioning unit. You don’t have to argue with manufacturer customer service representatives. Instead, just call us, and we’ll handle any issues you’re having with your unit.

Furthermore, even if you didn’t purchase a unit from us, you can get discounts on repair and installation when you sign a service contract with us. In either case, you’ll save money on repairs and services for your unit.

Emergency HVAC Service 24/7

In addition to being the only company to offer a lifetime warranty, we are one of the few who provide service 24-hours. You can call us and talk to a live person at any time of day. You won’t pay any overtime fees for after-hours services, even on Sundays or holidays.

We offer same-day service for most repairs, during business hours, as well as for emergency calls. We know that an HVAC emergency can turn into a health emergency if the problem isn’t corrected quickly. Call us if you need help.

HVAC Financing Options

At Houston Admiral, we offer two financing options for new HVAC unit purchases. You have the option of fixed-rate financing or a compounding-interest choice that goes down as you pay off your bill. We can discuss with you in more detail the pros and cons of each method. Depending on your payment strategy, one option may work better than another.

Conroe HVAC Companies

Do you have central air conditioning? We can improve your indoor air quality!

We Are the Most Comprehensive of all Conroe HVAC Companies

You need the help of an HVAC company that can do it all. We provide repair and maintenance for nearly all heating and cooling systems and their parts. You don’t have to waste time with companies that only offer half of the services that we do.

Furthermore, there’s no reason for you to try to perform maintenance on your unit when we can do it for you. You risk damaging your unit if you decide to perform your own maintenance. In that case, you might end up calling us for repair anyway. Save yourself the stress and contact us first.

We’re a family-owned and operated HVAC company that’s been around since 2009. We’ve helped families upgrade to more efficient air conditioning systems and helped others lengthen the lifespan of their current units. Whatever your goals are for the heating and cooling systems in your home, we can assist you. Call us at (281) 876-9400 for more information. At the very least, save our number in case of an HVAC emergency.

If you want to take a look at new units, you can visit us. Houston Admiral is a certified RUUD product dealer! Check our special offers for special offers, and call to ask us about our financing options. Why waste time with those other Conroe HVAC Companies when you could call Houston Admiral?

Conroe TX Fun Facts!

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