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Have you been searching for Conroe Ruud AC vendors? Perhaps you are looking for an AC in general and need a vendor who can offer the services you need to go with the AC. There are plenty of reasons why you might be on the market for an AC. Maybe it’s just time for a new one?

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There is a lot to enjoy about a Ruud unit and their performance is one thing, but you’ll probably be impressed by the story behind their company’s origin, too. After all, when you buy into a machine like this, you’re tapping into the long and rich history that built it.

The Story Of Edwin Ruud

There is probably a lot you don’t know about the famous Norwegian by the name of Edwin Ruud. You may have heard the mechanical engineer’s last name but perhaps not known why.

The truth is, he is the founder of Ruud which is an air conditioning and water heating company. They are global giants in their industry and provide some top-notch service for their customers.

However, his story goes much further back. In fact, it goes all the way to 1880, where he first came up with an invention that would forever change the world. He was in Pittsburgh at the time when he thought up the concept and built the world’s first automatic water heater. At the time, this was revolutionary and the world had has never been the same since.

The automatic water heater was then made a product and sold by Ruud which was founded 17 years later in 1897. The company has since provided these incredible machines to the world. In 1950, they also introduced their first air conditioner as well and it was all history from there. Even though the first AC unit was made in 1901, the new Ruud ACs had all of the benefits of modern technology at the time.

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With over 100 years of quality services to your HVAC system, Ruud is great for your home and business, too!

A Better Design

One of the highlights of a Ruud unit is that they have better designs as well. By this we mean to say, they make more efficient parts to put into their machines.

For example, the compressor is a critical part of the AC unit. In fact, it’s one of the most sought after and expensive pieces within the entire machine. However, not all companies can get their hands on the best versions.

Ruud AC units are all built with a scroll compressor. This is unique to Ruud and it is one of the most durable and reliable compressors on the market today. This is due to their low friction, which has many benefits. First, the reduction of friction means that you will get longer use out of the product. However, the reduction also means there will be fewer parts grinding together and thus, a quieter AC.

Lower Price, Too!

Another great aspect of the Ruud units is that they are going to be your perfect choice for mid-range units. While they still provide a high SEER rating of 18 for their top units it is not the best on the market. The highest rating is 22, but the price will offset this because of how cheap it is.

The SEER rating has been shown to not be as effective of a demonstration of cost-effectiveness. While it can show a better correlation, sometimes our Ruud units end up costing cheaper upfront and overall simply because of how well they are made.

With their unique compressors and their low-cost retail price, you can get this model for far cheaper than the top of the line units. Plus, since it will be much more reliable due to the engineering you can depend on this unit to last you even longer than the top of the line units, too. As you can see, it’s really a win-win.

Houston Admiral Is The Official Vendor Of Conroe Ruud AC Units

With their incredible company history and reputation, Ruud naturally rose to the top in the AC industry.  That’s why we wanted to share their history with you.

We believe that a company which has maintained their image as an enterprise devoted to their customers and bettering their lives, you can rely on them to upkeep your products and provide you with more and more benefits as you continue working with them.

Fortunately, this is exactly how Ruud operates, and we are happy to be an official vendor for their units. Houston Admiral only uses the best quality of all resources and products so you can be certain you’ll be getting that standard when you go through Ruud, too. We wouldn’t be supporting them if they didn’t have the same great intentions at heart!

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It’s no joking matter when it comes to selling Conroe Ruud AC of the highest quality, Houston Admiral is the best around. We will not only offer the best equipment for your use, but you’ll have the best technicians at your service as well.

There won’t be any obstacle that you can’t cross with our aid. We will ensure that you will receive the best customer service because that is a core principle of our company. Our company also offers other types of AC units such as Conroe Trane AC. We want you to stay comfortable, and in control of your air.

That’s how it should be, after all. Let us provide you with one of the greatest luxuries of the 20th century. We’ve come this far, after all, it’s time that everyone gets the best of air conditioning. If you’re looking to get your own or you need to get more information, just call us at (281) 876-9400 or check out our website. We can’t wait to work with you!

Fun Facts about Conroe, TX:

  • Lake Conroe is 22,000 acres!
  • Conroe was first settled in in the early 1800s.
  • The downtown business district of the city was developed in the 1890s.
  • The community was named after Isaac Conroe, a local lumberman.
  • Learn more about Conroe here!