Cypress Air Conditioner Repair Company

Have you already called a Cypress Air Conditioner Repair Company and found out that they couldn’t repair your air conditioner? You can call Houston Admiral for a second opinion. There are a couple of reasons the other company couldn’t help you.

Perhaps they genuinely didn’t know how to solve your air conditioner issue. HVAC technicians have different areas of specialization. Some companies keep their areas of specialization limited. Fortunately, Houston Admiral is a well-rounded company, and our technicians perform a variety of services. Not only do we have a complete line of repair services for air conditioners, but we also work on furnaces and other heating systems, insulation, filtration, and more.

Furthermore, we repair and service both residential and commercial units! Very few companies in the state can claim to offer as many services as we do. That being said, it’s always a safe bet to call us first and tell us what you need.

Do You Need An Air Conditioner Replacement?

On the other hand, maybe the technician couldn’t help you because there was nothing left to do for your air conditioner. It might have died and gone to HVAC heaven. However, you’re having trouble parting with it. You don’t feel like you’ve ever owned it for that long.

You never saw your parents replace their air conditioner! That technician is just trying to make you spend more money! There could be a ton of thoughts going on in your head, but none of them involve you wanting to purchase a new air conditioner.

We understand the reluctance. Air conditioners are expensive, and you don’t often hear about people needing new ones. You don’t even know where you would buy a new air conditioner if you did decide to get one.

You wish that the technician would stop trying to tell you to call somewhere else and get a new air conditioner installed. You’re one piece of professional advice away from putting on some work gloves and fixing the darn thing yourself.

But wait! The other Cypress Air Conditioner Repair Company might have been right. Maybe you do need a new air conditioner, and it’s not just because they don’t know what they’re doing. We’ll explain how a new unit could benefit your home, and your wallet, over the years.

Once you come around to the idea, you can stop by Houston Admiral to take a look at the units we have available. Though the other company may not sell units or offer replacement service, Houston Admiral has you covered. But first, we’ve got to explain why you might need a new air conditioner in the first place.

Cypress Air Conditioner Repair Company

We sell RUUD ac units!

Why You Need an Air Conditioner Upgrade

First, we have to address some misconceptions. The first is that you can and should use the same air conditioner for as long as you can. Air conditioners are similar to cars. While your 89 Toyota might still run, but there are so many better options out there now. Newer cars offer much more in terms of fuel economy, safety, and features. Likewise, modern air conditioners are more efficient and durable than ever before.

Even if your older air conditioner seemed to have been running well up to this point, that nothing compared to how smoothly a new unit will run. We’re no longer allowed to sell units at an efficiency rating below 14. Your older group is probably rated at a 10, at best. So you can imagine how much money you would save on your energy bill each month by upgrading. You could use the energy savings to make payments on the new unit!

Everyone has to upgrade its air conditioner eventually. Why not save the money you’d have spent on repairs and put that towards the new unit? Though you’re facing small price tags, repairs ads up (trust us on this, we’re a repair company). Repairing your group instead of replacing it to save money does the opposite. Allow us to be your Cypress Air Conditioning Contractor.

Cypress Air Conditioner Repair Company

Ask us about our HVAC systems maintenance plans!

How Houston Admiral Helps With Your New Air Conditioner

You get even more savings out of your air conditioner upgrade with regularly-scheduled maintenance. Maintenance makes a big difference in performance, which secures your energy savings. The reason your old unit died is likely due to an inadequate or completely nonexistent maintenance routine.

We’re not judging you—80% of the repairs we perform are a result of improper air conditioner maintenance. The fact is, very few people take HVAC preventative care seriously. However, you would be wise to, especially if you’re trying to save money.

Regular maintenance and tune-ups performed by our technicians prevent many issues. For example, terrible air quality is usually a result of improper maintenance. Furthermore, if your air conditioner is taking longer to cool your house, you likely need support.

We recommend air conditioner serviced twice per year, and with our service contract, you’ll never miss an appointment. Otherwise, you can call us for service as needed, such as when the seasons are about to change. When your energy bill starts to creep up again, call us—you might need a tune-up.

We know you want to save money, but please don’t perform your HVAC maintenance. Self-maintenance is another idea that seems like it would save money, but in practice, it costs more.

Cypress Air Conditioner Repair Company

Air conditioning and heating upgrade

Call This Cypress Air Conditioner Repair Company To Take The Next Step!

Another company may have suggested a replacement air conditioner but wasn’t able to provide one. Or they may not have fully explained how a new air conditioner could help you. Houston Admiral can explain to you in more detail the benefits of upgrading the powerhouse of your home. Air conditioners are responsible for almost 50% of your energy costs. Imagine how much you could save with an upgrade.

Call our customer service at (281) 876-9400 or set up an appointment with us. Houston Admiral is an authorized RUUD systems dealers, and for frugal families, we recommend these systems. RUUD is a manufacturer that makes reliable, durable heating and cooling systems whose price doesn’t come close to their value. If you need a Cypress Air Conditioner Repair Company that sells and replaces new air conditioners, call us today!

Cypress Fun Facts!

  • Of all the cities in the U.S., Cypress is ranked in the top 50 of the highest-income areas.
  • Cypress is only 20 miles northwest of Houston!
  • Huffmeister Road is named after one of the settler families of Cypress.
  • Learn more about Cypress here!