Cypress Air Conditioning Service Near Me

Are you looking for the best Cypress Air Conditioning Service Near Me? Good thing you found us! Houston Admiral has served the greater Houston area, including Cypress, since 1990. We offer professional, personalized repair service on all AC units.

Furthermore, we can provide maintenance on your unit and prevent the need for more serious repairs. We make a promise to our customers that Houston Admiral’s technicians are among the most qualified to service their unit.

At Houston Admiral, we know that success is a factor based on quality, not quantity, so we aim to turn every customer into a repeat customer. That’s why we offer a large variety of services and special offers, such as free estimates.

Furthermore, we are known for our excellent customer service! We can see your air conditioner throughout its entire life. Don’t waste your time other, less comprehensive HVAC companies when Houston Admiral has been proudly serving the Cypress community for years.

How often do you get your air conditioner serviced? Did you know that your air conditioner even needed regular maintenance, just like your car? Many people overlook or forego air conditioner maintenance, but we recommend against it for several reasons.

Cypress Air Conditioning Service Near Me

Ask us about our maintenance plans!

Houston Admiral Does Air Conditioning Maintenance

There’s more to your air conditioning and heating unit than the programmer on your wall that you adjust when you feel too hot or cold. Your AC is made of many important parts that work together to adjust the temperature in your home.

Most families use their air conditioners all day, every single day. Air conditioners wear down and start to function worse than they should be. Without regular maintenance, this poor performance is accelerated. Parts wear down fast, break more often, and your air conditioner might not live as long as it’s supposed to.

We don’t recommend that you perform your own repairs. For one, you end up spending more money when you perform your own maintenance. Servicing an air conditioner requires special tools so that you don’t damage any of the parts. Additionally, even with the right tools, you might cause damage to the unit.

Then you’ll have to call us to perform repairs! Save yourself some money on supplies and possible repairs by calling us to perform the maintenance in the first place. We recommend that you get your air conditioning unit maintained twice per year.

We offer service contracts for residential units, so you don’t have to bother with remembering when to schedule your next maintenance appointment. We’ll come out and give your unit a tune-up twice per year. We’ll also inspect your unit thoroughly for any wear and let you know f any parts will need to be replaced soon.

Also, we’ll give you a discount on those recommended repairs, services, and equipment. All in all, with our service contracts, you get the longest lifespan out of your unit. We highly suggest that you get a Houston Admiral service contract for your new unit. Also, we take a look at your current unit and let you know if our service contract can help reverse some of the progress and wear that has already occurred.

Cypress Air Conditioning Service Near Me

We service outdoor and indoor air conditioning systems. We’ll help you lower your electric bill!

Replace Your AC with a Newer Model

Air conditioners are expensive, and if you were fortunate enough to live in a home that already had an air conditioner installed, you would be wise to keep it running well as long as possible. Regular service and tune-ups also save you money in energy costs because your air conditioner will require less power to run effectively.

Our service contracts can save you a lot of money over the many years that you own the same HVAC system. did you know that upgrading to a new air conditioner could also save you money? Modern air conditioners have higher efficiency ratings than older models, so much so that we can no longer sell older models because they don’t meet the required standards.

If you still happen to have an older air conditioner, we can perform service on your unit. However, it might be more economical to just upgrade to a newer unit. The amount you’ll save per year on energy costs varies according to the unit you upgrade to, but at a minimum, you’ll save hundreds. Saving could be as much as several thousands of dollars with a high-efficiency unit. Coupled with a service contract, your unit will pay for itself.

Speaking of paying for itself, Houston Admiral offers an HVAC financing option. You could use the savings on your energy bill to make the payments on the new unit! We offer two separate financing options so you can choose the best option for you. With our HVAC financing, you never have to say, “I can’t afford to save money.”

Why You Need Our Cypress Air Conditioning Service Near Me

If you find yourself paying for several repairs, or even worse, the same repair over and over, you may need to upgrade. Many technicians won’t suggest a new unit because they don’t sell units and therefore don’t profit if you buy a new unit and don’t need repairs anymore.

At Houston Admiral, we sell highly recommended air conditioning units, install them, and can perform maintenance for life. Save your money and stress less with a modern unit.

Houston Admiral knows what Cypress air conditioners need. Houston weather is particular, and you need an HVAC company that knows how to maintain your air conditioning unit. Larger, national companies usually offer generalized maintenance solutions that they perform on all of the units they inspect.

But the maintenance routine for a unit in California shouldn’t be the same for the air conditioner of your Texas home. Different weather conditions cause different types of wear on units. We’ve served and lived in this area for generations and know just how to keep your air conditioner in the best shape.

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Call us at (281) 876-9400 if you need repair or maintenance service. We provide air conditioning service on all models. If you have a RUUD brand unit, you’ll be happy to know that as an authorized dealer of RUUD units, Houston Admiral is the best company to service your unit.

We know the ins and outs of all cooling and heating systems manufactured by a major brand name, but we know and trust RUUD products. Our store also is a Cypress Carrier AC and can help you find the right unit.

Consider visiting our store to take a look at the newest models when it’s time for your next air conditioner replacement. Houston Admiral offers expert Cypress Air Conditioning Service Near Me, so get in touch with us today!

Cypress TX Fun Facts!

  • A beautiful creek stretches through the town.
  • The schools in the Cy-Fair Independent School District are top-notch!
  • Cypress is in the highest-income areas in the entire state.
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