Cypress Air Conditioning Service

Cypress Air Conditioning Service

Asbestos is found in modern resources like plaster, insulation, and flooring materials.

If it’s time for you to be asking about a Cypress Air Conditioning Service, Houston Admiral can provide it for you. No matter the task, we can get it done.

Since 1990, we have been loyally serving the greater Houston area with top-notch service. Whether you are in Cypress, the Woodlands, Katy, Spring, or Humble, we can arrive at your door with everything we will need to resolve your air conditioning problems.

Air conditioning is one of those things that can go wrong in a plethora of ways. Within an HVAC system, there are heating and cooling systems, liquids, electric connections, and more.

If anything goes wrong or malfunctions, it opens up plenty of doors for even more damage to be done. Instead of putting this system on the back burner, you should contact us so that we can perform regular maintenance and repairs for you.

In this article, we want to tell you about our great service at Houston Admiral and why we’re the best when you need air conditioning service. If you are looking for Cypress Air Conditioning Service Near Me then you have come to the right place.

Cypress Air Conditioning Service

If you are located in Cypress and you are in need of air conditioning services, Houston Admiral would be happy to have you. After only one call, we can be packing our equipment and heading to your home for service.

We serve more than Houston and Cypress, in fact, we can serve you in Spring, Katy, the Woodlands, and more! No matter where you are if you’re in the greater Houston area, you are part of our community. Your HVAC system will never have received better service.

When it comes to air conditioning, there are multiple aspects that could cause problems. Some issues, such as a frozen coil, unbalanced thermostat, or refrigerant leak, are fairly easy to fix.

In contrast, there are issues that take more effort to fix. Some of these might be electrical issues, faulty installation, or water damage. Don’t push these issues to the back of your mind. Give us a call at Houston Admiral.

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Let’s think about everything we can do for you and your HVAC system.

Houston Admiral Services

Our services at Houston Admiral are more than just air conditioning repair. We perform installation, replacements, and regular maintenance on your entire HVAC system.

Also, we offer great bonuses for our clients, such as emergency services, service contracts, financing options, and commercial service. Houston Admiral has all of his and more.

When you begin working with us, we can offer you everything below along with our winning customer service. We know that our technicians will not disappoint you.

Annual Maintenance and Service Contracts

When you sign up for one of our service contracts, you are ensuring an extended life on your HVAC equipment. We have found that regular maintenance not only prevents the need for major repairs but also creates lower electricity bills and longer system life.

If you like the sound of spending less money on your HVAC system annually, that’s because you should. Instead of paying for expensive repairs, you could be going on a trip or investing in something new! A service contract with us will ensure that you are saving money and keeping your HVAC system working.

24/7 Emergency Service

At Houston Admiral, we can provide you with emergency services. An emergency would constitute a complete shut-down or a safety hazard, such as smoke emitting from your vents or water damage. Even if it is after hours, we can take your call.

If your air conditioner is in terrible shape, contact us immediately. Watch out for problems related to the furnace or electricity, because these could pose a potential fire hazard in your home. In the case that you believe your air conditioning system needs immediate repair, give us a call.

Home and Business

We do not only serve residential homes. In the case that you are a business owner, we can service your commercial building as well. Without a functioning AC system in your place of business, you will be losing customers and making your employees very uncomfortable.

A functioning HVAC is essential to any business setting. If you would like to set a good example by holding yourself to a certain standard, then call us about your air system. Our service is definitely not limited to residential settings.


At Houston Admiral, we know that HVAC problems usually are not expected or budgeted for. Because of this, we offer two financing options to help you pay for our services. The FTL Finance Lease and FTL ESC Card are your two options with us.

The first option is a single installment loan with fixed rates, so the amount you are paying will never be a mystery. In contrast, the ESC Card draws interest over time, but the rate reduces the sooner you pay it off. If you would like to fill out an application for either of these options visit this page.

Houston Admiral should be your first choice when it comes to HVAC services in Houston. We are loyal, efficient, and affordable, which means that working with us will be a breeze. Instead of suffering through the Houston heat all summer, allow us to come over and fix your AC system. Once we’re done, you will be able to enjoy your summer.

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Contact Us

To get into contact with Houston Admiral, dial (281) 876-9400. If you prefer to send us a written message, go here to set up an appointment.

Either way, this will put you in touch with us so that we can talk about your service needs and where you will be receiving service. The summer is going to get hot quickly, so don’t wait on this.

We want to make sure that every Houston family has a properly functioning AC system at home. Take a moment to speak to Houston Admiral about Cypress Air Conditioning Service.

Cypress, TX Fun Facts:

  • There are a total of three major hospitals in the Cypress area. If you have an emergency, it sounds like you’re safe!
  • The Cypress-Fairbanks Volunteer Fire Department is the largest in the nation, with over 12 stations.
  • Large scale development here started in the 1980s, making Cypress one of Houston’s largest suburbs.
  • To learn more about Cypress, visit the county page.