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Do you need Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning Service done fast? In that case, you need to call Houston Admiral. We specialize in all areas of air conditioning and heating system repairs and maintenance.

Furthermore, we sell HVAC units in our stores, and we also know how to install and replace entire systems. If you’re having issues with your physical unit, central air, or other HVAC-related issues, we provide stress-free solutions.

On the other hand, families and business owners who are interested in preventing the need for costly service should also call us. While we can perform all necessary repairs, we prefer to save you money by maintaining your unit in the first place. We can inspect your unit for weak areas and wear. You’ll know about the need for repairs or replacements before your unit completely shuts down.

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Below we’ll outline a few of the services that we offer, discuss the benefits of routine maintenance, and tell you about a few things that make us unique. In no time, you’ll see that you won’t find better Cypress Heating and Air Service!

We service all units. Our technicians repair and install a variety of HVAC brands, including our personal favorite, RUUD products. Houston Admiral is also a certified RUUD dealer, and you can trust that the products you purchase from us are authentic.

Furthermore, we’re the only HVAC system seller that offers a lifetime warranty on our products. Visit us today and we’ll help you figure out which unit would work best in your home.

Types of Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Houston Admiral performs air conditioning service and repair for home HVAC systems. Fortunately, we also service commercial units. For homeowners, we handle all parts of the air conditioner or furnace.

Additionally, we can perform diagnostic tests on areas of your home. For example, you might need our air quality check if someone in your home suffers from extreme allergies. Does your nose get stuffy when you go to bed at night?

Comfort at home doesn’t just mean that your air conditioner is set to the right temperature. Air needs to be clear of debris and particles so that you can breathe clearly. If your air quality in your home is poor, we can also check your filtration. Sometimes, all you need is filter change. However, in the case that there’s another issue, Houston Admiral can handle it.

For commercial property, our services and repairs are much the same. Houston Admiral employs technicians of all specialties. There’s no repair or service we can’t perform. Our technicians can handle all complex systems, including ductwork, refrigerant, and both indoor and outdoor installations.

Your brand of system isn’t beyond our scope of knowledge. All of our commercial repairs and equipment meet business standards. We also cover Commercial HVAC systems under our lifetime warranty option. Furthermore, our competitive pricing is good for your business.

We assure you, whatever repairs you need for your air conditioner or heating system, Houston Admiral’s technicians can provide it. However, we prefer to perform regular maintenance. We offer service contracts for residential and commercial units.

With regular maintenance, we optimize air conditioner performance each year. Problem-solving and performing repairs is a key part of our job. However, it pains us to know that customers could have avoided most repairs had they just had regular maintenance on their units!

Air Conditioning Repair vs Maintenance

You can call us for our seasonal maintenance offer. Alternatively, we offer a better deal—a service contract. As part of our service agreement, we’ll perform maintenance on your units twice per year. Furthermore, if issues do ever arrive, you’ll get a discount on our services.

Even well-maintained units need repairs eventually. Unfortunately, air conditioners are not yet designed to last forever. However, like a car, the life of the HVAC system largely depends on how well you cared for it throughout the years.

Why should you spend the extra money to service your air conditioner every 6 months? For one, sometimes it costs money to save money. By having one of our technicians take a look at your unit twice per year, the repairs you’ll need are highly likely to be minor. Like most repairs, the sooner a problem is identified, the less expensive it tends to be to fix it.

Furthermore, a well-maintained air conditioner incurs a lower electric bill. Each year, your air conditioner will lose efficiency. However, with maintenance, the loss of performance each year is less drastic.

An air conditioner that maintains its efficiency over the years does more work with less power, even as the unit gets older. As you can see, a maintained unit saves money in more ways than one.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning Service

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In addition to the expected repair and tune-up service, Houston Admiral also offers a few HVAC amenities that you aren’t likely to find with other companies in the area. As mentioned before, we are the only company to offer a lifetime warranty on our products.

Not only is the warranty unique, the fact that our repair company even sells air conditioners puts us a step above some of the companies you’d find in yellow pages.

While you might not want to purchase a new air conditioner, we’ll let you know if doing so would be the most affordable option over the years. When you need to buy a new unit, you don’t have to look elsewhere. Instead, you can purchase an air conditioner from a company that actually knows the ins and outs of HVAC systems.

Speaking of purchasing a new unit, we offer HVAC financing for our customers. Our other unique services include emergency service, special offers, and more—just check our website for more details about any of the services we offer!

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning Service

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Can you think of another HVAC company that installs, maintains, repairs, and replaces air conditioning and heating systems in Cypress?

Houston Admiral offers such a comprehensive range of services because you don’t need to waste your time trying to find different companies for each specific service.

Call us today at (281) 876-9400 or contact us online for any of your HVAC needs. If you need Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning Service, call us today!

Cypress Fun Facts!

  • Cypress is known as a high-income area.
  • The creek that Cypress is named after is almost 50 miles long.
  • Settlers rebuilt a burned-down dance hall with tin in 1878.
  • Learn more about Cypress here!