Cypress HVAC Air Conditioning Service

Are you in the market for Cypress HVAC Air Conditioning Service? Luckily for you, Houston Admiral can provide you with winning service at budget prices. We firmly believe in efficiency and quality, and therefore make an effort to ensure that your HVAC system gets only the best service. After all, you deserve nothing less than the best in your home during the upcoming summer months.

Texas gets very hot during the summers. Due to the humidity of our city, it can feel even hotter than it is. This is why having a fully functioning AC system during this time is so important. The heat is invasive and will make you uncomfortable without it. Instead of sweating the summer away at home, take the initiative to call our technicians so we can fix your broken AC.

In this article, we want to discuss the importance of AC repair and our company at Houston Admiral. Compare us with other Cypress HVAC Companies, and you will know why we are the best.

Cypress HVAC Air Conditioning Service

Houston Admiral is a family-owned business that is completely loyal to serving the Houston area. With the promise of spoiling our clients with our service, we go from home to business to ensure that everyone we see has a functioning, quality HVAC system. After all, this system can rule the air quality in your home and is essential to your comfort throughout the summer and winter months.

Imagine going through a Houston summer without a functioning AC system in your home or business. Further down the line, this may mean that your heater is not working as well. In order to fix these issues, you will need qualified specialists to handle it for you.

If you are located in Cypress, we can arrive at your home in a timely manner to help you with any HVAC problems. All you will need to do is give us a call and tell us what you need!

How Important is Air Conditioning?

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You need a working HVAC system in your home or business.

Air conditioning is an essential part of any modern home or commercial building. Since HVAC systems became a part of modern living, our comfort and quality of life have greatly improved. Our HVAC systems keep our air clean and suited to our preferred temperature so that we can work, rest, and play comfortably at home.

In the case that your air conditioning has not been working right, you have probably been thinking about calling a technician in. You should! It is now May, and the summer has officially begun. Within the next few months, you will be experiencing the full Texas heat inside and outside of your air conditioning is broken.

You may be unsure exactly what is wrong with your AC. Thankfully, it is a system of inanimate objects and machinery, which means that there is a fix for everything, and only so many issues can arise. In order to help you identify what the issue might be, we’ve provided you with a small list of some common issues with AC systems.

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant leak occurs when the coolant begins leaking in the unit. This will cause your temperature to fluctuate, perhaps being too cold or not cold at all at times. However, the location of the leak can have different effects and costs of repair. In order to properly diagnose this problem, you will undoubtedly need a technician. After looking at it, they will be able to tell you where the leak is and how they can fix it for you. Once the leak is patched up, you will be able to use your AC again.


Just like your filter, your drainage system can become clogged with air particles. This will cause your drain pan to fill up to the top, causing water to begin leaking. Should this happen, your HVAC system could take some serious damage from the water, especially if it reaches the electrical aspects. Considering the nature of this, you will need to bring in a technician to resolve this issue safely for you.

Clogged Filters

There is more floating around in your air than you think there is. In fact, the air is full of dust, dirt, and lint particles. Over time, the substances in your air will gather on your air filter and potentially clog up your HVAC system. Furthermore, it will pollute the air that actually does get through, causing you problems with allergies and breathing.

If you are someone who has medical issues related to your respiratory system, having a clogged filter will be potentially harmful. It can even freeze your AC system. Luckily, replacing or cleaning your air filter is something you can easily do at home.

Other Common Problems

Some other common issues for AC systems would be a broken thermostat, malfunctioning breakers or fuses, or coils that need maintenance. While most of these problems may seem to be very simple, you will need a qualified specialist to remedy these issues.

Instead of trying to fix any of these from home, give Houston Admiral a call. We will work quickly, accurately, and we often have special offers which can save you money, not to mention great customer service. Don’t hesitate to get into contact with us. The summer is already here!

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Once you are ready to give Houston Admiral a call, dial (281) 876-9400. After we have established contact with you, we can get started on repairing your home air conditioning and heating system.

You can also start by setting an appointment with us or come visit our location. Either one of these methods will put you in direct correspondence with us so that we can get to servicing your HVAC system. In the upcoming Houston summer, you will want to have a functioning AC system. Make sure to give Houston Admiral a call for your Cypress HVAC Air Conditioning Service.

Facts About Cypress

  • Cypress is often nicknamed “Cy-Fair,” which is short for Cypress-Fairbanks.
  • Cypress is ranked #50 in the list of the 100 highest-income areas in the U.S.
  • The first Cypress school was built in 1884.
  • To learn more about Cypress, visit the county page.