Cypress HVAC Maintenance Contract

You might be asking, “Why do I need a Cypress HVAC Maintenance Contract?” At Houston Admiral, your safety is our top priority. Most HVAC companies want you to be comfortable in your own home while also providing you with affordable services. However, Houston Admiral knows that safety refers to more than just your protection. Safety, to us, includes financial safety. We believe that the biggest reason that you need a Cypress HVAC Maintenance Contract is that it saves you money in so many ways. Below, we outline a few of the various ways that regular maintenance can save your budget.

What does routine maintenance do for your air conditioner in the first place? Maintenance, performed professionally by a certified technician, maximizes the efficiency of your air conditioning or heating unit. An inefficient unit uses more energy to achieve the same results that it used to. This is why you may have noticed that it takes longer to cool your house now than it did a few years ago.

Most families use their air conditioners daily, for several hours throughout the day. Naturally, parts wear down. However, without maintenance, this wear is exacerbated. For one, no one cleans the unit or its parts, and dirt and grime weigh on the parts. Secondly, without a routine inspection, no one is checking to make sure that parts are connected well and operating optimally. Therefore, you might go years with your unit functioning at a lower capability than it could, just because no one checked it out.

However, you can’t just perform your own maintenance even if you found a list of what to check for, what you needed to buy, and how to handle everything. There’s still a risk of damaging parts or looking over important things. Furthermore, many “simple fixes” that someone might suggest online can cause damages to other parts.

Our licensed technicians have years of experience performing maintenance on all HVAC brands and the know-how to keep your machine in the best working order. You can call us any day of the week for service or even just a second opinion. We’ll help you by performing any needed tune-ups, and we’ll save you more money than you’d ever spend on maintenance.

Cypress HVAC Maintenance Contract

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How does Cypress HVAC Maintenance Contract Save You Money?

It might sound strange that we’re offering you a service that costs money by telling you that it’ll save money. However, it’s true. Proper maintenance of your HVAC unit saves you money in many ways. Some of the ways that you save money are directly related to the air conditioner and heating costs. and others are a result of the impact that a well-maintained unit has on other areas of your life.

Lower Energy Bills

The primary way that routine maintenance keeps money in your pocket is reduced energy costs. Did you know that almost half of what you pay to your electric company each month is due to your air conditioner? That means that just by making sure that your unit is well-maintained and functioning at its best, you could save tens if not hundreds of dollars each month. An energy-efficient air conditioner saves you money! You stand to save the most money if you run your air conditioner throughout the day, but everyone can benefit from routine maintenance.

Lower or Eliminated Repair Costs

When our technicians maintain your unit, they inspect the parts and can let you know if they find anything alarming. We can stop damage in its tracks. By performing small repairs early, you prevent the need for expensive repairs later down the line. Furthermore, 80% of the repairs performed on HVAC systems would have been completely avoided if the air conditioner had received regular maintenance. Frankly, maintenance eliminates the need for certain repairs completely. Any HVAC issues left are likely a result of external factors, such as inclement weather or the old age of the unit. Give us a call to get your Cypress HVAC Repair Service.

Less Frequent Replacement

On the same note as the less severe repair costs, a well-maintained unit lasts longer. Air conditioners and heaters can last well over a decade if well-maintained. Poorly-maintained units wear down and break down at an alarming rate. With modern units costing up to thousands of dollars, not including installation fees, you save yourself a lot of money by taking care of the unit you already own. Particularly if you were fortunate enough to move into a home with a unit already installed, maximize savings by protecting the health of the current unit.

Cypress HVAC Maintenance Contract

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Other Ways Maintenance Saves Money

Fewer Home Repairs

Are you having issues keeping your home warm or cool? Before you strip everything down and blame the issue on an insulation problem, call us. It may not be a problem with the infrastructure in your home. On the other hand, your air conditioner may be severely underpowered as a result of not being tuned-up.

Fewer Trips To The Doctor

A well-functioning air conditioner can keep you healthy. The other side of that coin is that a poorly maintained unit can make you sick. Air conditioners without proper maintenance negatively impact indoor air quality the overall health of everyone in the home. If you have pets, take heating systems and air conditioning services seriously because dander and cat litter can cause sinus issues. You might think you need to visit the doctor, but you may just need AC maintenance.

Cypress HVAC Maintenance Contract

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Call Houston Admiral for Heating and AC Maintenance!

Though we just outlined several benefits of having technicians perform regular maintenance on your unit, we want t to save you even more money. That’s why we offer service contracts. With a service contract, we’ll perform maintenance every six months. Additionally, we provide discounts on any additional services or parts you need. You’ll also get a nice discount on unit replacement when that time comes.

If you’re very behind on HVAC maintenance, we recommend our heating and cooling systems service contracts to save you the most money on maintenance. Alternatively, you can call us as needed or utilize our seasonal maintenance service. For a fast response, call us today at (281) 876-9400 or set up an appointment to learn more about our Cypress HVAC Maintenance Contract!

Cypress Fun Facts!

  • The Cypress street names pay homage to the town’s old settlers.
  • You can still visit Tin Hall, a dance hall that’s been open for over a century!
  • The Cypress-Fairbanks Independent school district is the 2nd-largest in the state, after Houston ISD.
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