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If you’re searching for an air conditioner in Cypress Ruud AC is a great choice. Have you heard of it? These are going to be one of the most common types of ACs that you may see, believe it or not. They are really great machines that will do a consistent and reliable job at cooling your home.

You’ll have fluid control over the system, and this will most likely last you for many years to come. That is especially so if you get one of the service agreements that will allow us to run preventative maintenance on your home’s Air Conditioner. We also offer other units such as Cypress Trane AC.

However, this article is meant to focus on Ruud ACs in particular, so we will go more in-depth on these excellent units and how Houston Admiral can bring one right to your doorstep. First, we’ll go through the history of Edwin Ruud and this incredible legacy he has led.

Then we’ll discuss the performance and economic advantages of a Ruud unit; all brought to you by Houston Admiral, your best option in the Cypress area for HVAC units.

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History Of Ruud

The famous company was not always a large conglomerate that had global influence. In fact, it began with a single man who had an incredible idea. His name was Edwin Ruud, and he was one of the pioneers in the industry indoor atmosphere control.

It was still a pretty complex matter, especially when you consider that the time was 1880 and the air conditioner had not even been invented yet. Yet, Ruud would be one of the first to build a foundation for these great creations to manifest.

He was a Norwegian mechanical engineer that came to America, inspired by the rise of industrialism. Therein 1880, he created the first model of an automatic water heater. This was revolutionary, and 9 years later, he brought the first unit into production, with an eventual founding of the corporation known as Ruud 8 years later in 1897.

This incredible invention was the inspiration for the world and how to view hygienics. Soon they would become a household name, supplying much of the world.

However, they did not come into building air conditioner units until the 1950s. However, by that time, the technological advances that had been made for ACs in the last 50 years of its conception were huge. Ruud was able to take hold in this industry, too, as their reputation automatically garnered market demand. As you can see, they have maintained this high regard for more than a hundred years and are still going strong today!

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Superior Engineering

One interesting thing to note about the Ruud AC units is that they have a unique type of compressor. These are very critical pieces in the AC unit and are very expensive.

The industry is constantly trying to innovate this is due to its noise levels and the long-term benefits that a better compressor can provide.

All Ruud AC units will have a Scroll compressor built into them. In fact, many widely recognize this type as the most durable and reliable type of compressor on the market. This is certainly a wonderful detail to keep a record of because you will find that it provides a far more advantageous effect than you think.

A scroll compressor will interact with less friction on an overall basis. This subsequently decreases the wear that occurs on the unit and also reduces the sound levels. You will find that Ruud AC units are notoriously silent units.


Another truly great aspect of Ruud AC units is that they are far cheaper than the average competitive unit. When you compare it to options like Carrier, they may not have a higher SEER rating (the highest being an 18 for Ruud and 21 for Carrier) however; it has been shown that there are other variables outside of the SEER rating that keeps the product economically cheaper.

This is why the Ruud unit will be more effective; it can make up for its shortcomings with a far cheaper price and better, more dependable engineering that will keep your machine from needing repairs or heavy maintenance over the long term use.

Houston Admiral Supplies Cypress Ruud AC With Great Service!

When you get service from Houston Admiral, you are gaining access to some of the best quality equipment and technicians in the region. That’s not to mention the better packages that we offer either. We will be able to lend wonderful insight and advice to help maintain your units for the long term.

Our team can help install your unit, and we can also do years of repairs and tune-ups if you decide to buy into our service agreement. Preventative maintenance has averted 80% of repairs in our client’s conditioners, and it’s probably a good idea to stay on the safe side. It’s cheaper after all!

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As you have probably found out, we offer Cypress Ruud AC units that are unbeatable. They have an excellent reputation for a reason, and that’s why we are proud to be an official vendor of their HVAC branch.

You won’t find a better quality machine for this price, and it’s not going to get as good of treatment without the aid of Houston Admiral’s technicians!

We are able to provide you with the equipment and all of the manpower necessary to keep your unit running year-round for years to come. If you are interested in getting in contact with us for a new unit, or you need maintenance on your current one, you can reach us at (281) 876-9400 or simply visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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