Hockley AC Inspection

Has your Air Conditioning broken down, and you need a Hockley AC inspection? Houston Admiral can offer you top-of-the-line inspections to figure out why the AC has stopped working, and how to fix it.

All of our technicians have a long history in the AC industry and are entirely NATE certified. That means they have one of the world’s most recognized approvals to work with your air conditioning units.

When you are experiencing AC issues, or your AC has broken down altogether, let us know! Sometimes all it takes is a quick look, and we can find out what’s wrong. Whether you needed to keep up with maintenance, or there is a malfunction that needs repair, we will let you know. Houston Admiral is here for all of your AC needs!

How To Tell If My Unit Needs An Hockley AC Inspection?

There are many ways that your AC unit could be malfunctioning. Whether it is dirty filters or something more severe, you may not be able to tell on your own.

Usually, when you experience an AC Unit issue, or your unit breaks down altogether, we recommend that you get an inspection to find out why. Our reviews are carried out on the location, and we have an extensive list of factors to check to make sure we can diagnose your problem effectively.

Our technician will probably ask you a series of questions about your unit, so please be ready to help with whatever they may need. By the end of the inspection, the technician will more than likely have a solution and a game plan prepared for you!

Saving Money With AC Services

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Bad Odors And Strange Sounds 

There are lots of electrical and mechanical components in your AC unit. When they are not working correctly or overheating, you will experience these odd symptoms.

Often, your central air fan motor will have little lubrication and cause noise from the loose fan belt. Other instances like dirty filters or fluids might be contributing to the smell. Any one of these issues requires a specialized technician help to fix. Luckily, Houston Admiral has you covered!

The AC Is No Longer Cooling Your Home

If your AC is no longer creating cold air to your home, this is a sign of damage. After all, one of the core functions of an AC is to provide cold air.

This is usually an issue with the AC’s control board. That means an electrical problem is the source of your troubles. These are typically more complex jobs than cleaning a dirty air filter, so we recommend consulting one of our technicians for help on the matter.

Moisture Build Up

Another reason that your AC might not be working right is there are leaks inside the unit. Some of the fluids are harmless, like the backed-up water from a blocked drain tube.

However, others may be harmful to you. Leaks of refrigerant fluid can be the reason for this moisture buildup, and this chemical is dangerous for your health. It will also damage the unit and can even cause trouble for the environment around you.

For these purposes, you will need a technician who has the background and qualifications to deal with this sort of chemical. They will be able to help you from here.

Residential AC Services

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Maintenance Tips

Whenever your AC unit is working correctly, there are several things you can do to keep your AC maintained. It is a great idea to be prepared like this because an AC repair can be costly, and the inconvenience of having a broken down AC is often even worse. Especially when you are in the Houston or South Texas area. The heat can be ridiculously overwhelming!

To combat this, and ensure that you don’t have breakdowns like this, Houston Admiral offers service agreements for both residential and commercial listings.

We will be able to provide you with year-round maintenance and even tune-ups to keep your unit working for the long term. By using this service agreement, you won’t have to get as many costly repairs. With our preventative maintenance, we can help you avoid 80% of the repairs that most units may need.

This is because a typical unit will degrade around 1-3% every year. With our yearly service, we can not only reduce this degradation but extend the lifetime of your group.

This will help save you tons of money on your energy bill because the unit will not have to work harder to provide the same results. Through our service agreement, our clients will find that costs saved by our maintenance end up paying for the Hockley AC Service itself!

Hockley HVAC Contractors

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Contact Houston Admiral

If you find that you need a Hockley AC inspection, don’t hesitate to call! We will have a technician sent out to your location promptly.

They will be able to direct you on what to do next. There will be few or numerous instructions depending on the severity of your unit’s condition.

If it registers any of the symptoms we listed above, you may need extensive repair. However, this will not be an issue as we also provide these services as well.

The most important aspect is to ensure you are getting high-quality air into your home. We will provide you with all of the tools to get this done, so don’t worry!

Your house or apartment will be ready for the summer in no time. All you need to do is give us a call for an inspection now. We can get your AC working as good as new!

To contact us, you can use the number (281) 876-9400 or visit our website. Otherwise, come to visit our location. See us now. We can return your air conditioner, so it’s the best condition. It will be working like it’s brand new all over again!

Hockley, TX Fun Facts

  • From the 1920s to the early 1940s, Hockley had a population of 200 and a maximum of seven businesses.
  • From 1949 through 1991, its population was reported as 300.
  • In 1992 Hockley had forty-five businesses.
  • In 2000 the population remained the same with ninety-five businesses.
  • For more information about Hockley, click here!