Hockley Heating and Cooling Service

Do you need a Hockley Heating and Cooling Service company to help you with the units in your business location? Houston Admiral is here for you every step of the way. We perform maintenance of all heating and cooling systems.

Furthermore, we can repair faulty parts, and we also perform installations and replacements as needed. Our qualified technicians can solve any of your air conditioning or heating issues.

Did you know that customers are affected by how comfortable they feel in your business? When a building is too cold or too hot, it’s usually the first thing a potential customer or client notices. Temperatures can be welcoming or off-putting. You want every aspect of your business to help you reel in business.

So don’t forsake your air conditioning unit. Technically, you pay your AC just like you pay your employees, so make it work for you. Take care of your heating or cooling unit, and it’ll take care of you and your customers.

However, we don’t recommend that you try to do it by yourself. Focus on the other aspects of your business, and let us do the work of maintaining or repairing your air conditioner.

Hockley Heating and Cooling Service Repair

Houston Admiral provides extensive repair services. We perform both indoor and outdoor repairs! For years, we have serviced schools, churches, factories, and more with speedy, high-quality repairs.

No matter what unit you have, our technicians can service it. In addition to servicing the units themselves, we perform ductwork installation. Additionally, our technicians have experience fixing issues with insulation and filtration. All of our replacements and installations adhere to SMACNA standards.

Hockley Heating and Cooling Service

HVAC Company in business for over 15 years

Do You Need an HVAC Service Contract?

Many business owners forget that heating and cooling systems maintenance is a regular business expense. That is, it should be a regular expense. Unfortunately, many companies neglect regular air conditioning maintenance and pay for it later down the line.

A few dollars today could save a thousand tomorrow. While it may seem like a bi-annual HVAC service hits your bottom line, imagine the cost of a completely new commercial air conditioning unit.

Your shareholders will thank you for being so proactive and frugal. You can prevent the need for excessive repair with our service contracts. We’ll come out twice per year and inspect your unit, perform maintenance, and tune up your unit. Your business or office will feel pleasant for years to come with our help.

With a service contract, you’ll receive a discount when you inevitably have to replace your unit. Regular maintenance does not prevent the need for eventual replacement. For example, we’ve been in business for nearly 30 years, and we’ve had to replace our units at least twice in that time—and we’re an HVAC company! Fortunately, as an authorized RUUD dealer, we can offer you some of the best deals on new equipment.

Top that with your service contract discount, and it’s practically a steal. Furthermore, Houston Admiral is the only company in the Houston area that has lifetime warranties for equipment purchased in our store. You save money on new units and protect your investments when you buy from Houston Admiral, and ensure your purchase with our service contracts.

Hockley Heating and Cooling Service

Reliable HVAC System Repairs

How Houston Admiral Can Help Your Business

Houston Admiral knows that businesses have a bottom line. Proper AC maintenance and professional repair save the business money.

Furthermore, if your unit is severely outdated, an upgrade can cut costs over the years. Did you know that we aren’t even allowed to sell or install most older models?

That’s because older models are severely less efficient than more modern units. You can save thousands per year just by switching to another unit. Even the worst unit available today is ten times better than the best air conditioner from years ago.

At Houston Admiral, we can help you pick the best unit for your business. You don’t need an overpowered system to heat or cool a small area just because the rating is higher. The best savings come from only buying what you need and maintaining efficiency. Not only do we provide the newest units, but we also know how to keep them in their best shape.

There’s not much of a point in buying a brand new air conditioner if you aren’t going to take care of, because you’re still going to waste money. We can care for your unit throughout its life and make sure you get the best for your buck.

Hockley Heating and Cooling Service

Best Customer Service in Magnolia!

Our Certified Technicians Are The Best!

We’ve made a name for ourselves throughout the greater Houston area. We have almost thirty years of experience serving local families and businesses. Our customers know that no matter what service they need, Houston Admiral can provide. We only hire certified, licensed technicians to perform Hockley Heating And Cooling Services.

We are qualified to perform practically any HVAC service you can think of, as well as a few you don’t even know you might need someday! Additionally, we perform service on all major HVAC brands and offer lifetime warranties on equipment that we sell.

For your business, you need an HVAC company that means business. Call us for whatever repair or maintenance you need. If you have an air conditioner or heater issue after business hours, we offer emergency service around the clock. You don’t have to shut down the store for the day or drag box fans into the office.

We can fix your air conditioner in the evening, and the next morning, no one will ever even know there was a problem. We offer this service at no additional overtime rate to you. Our labor rates are consistent, no matter what day or time of day it is.

Call us today at (281) 876-9400 or come visit us to inquire more about how we can assist your business. We can discuss your needs, your space/location, and your budget and come up with the best HVAC solution for your company. We can perform all the needed HVAC services for as long as you’re in business! You won’t find better Hockley Heating and Cooling Service anywhere else!

Hockley Fun Facts!

  • The LoneStar Pinball Museum is in Hockley!
  • Hockley is known for its railways.
  • Many farmers live in Hockley.
  • Learn more about Hockley TX here!