Hockley Heating And Cooling Services

If you’re searching for the best Hockley Heating And Cooling Services, search no more. Houston Admiral has years of experience dealing with multiple HVAC systems. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced.

This ensures that you receive excellent customer service while we work on your air conditioning system. We are a group of service professionals that pride ourselves on doing our job the right way.

As the summer approaches, having an air conditioner that works properly is a must. Texas has very extreme weather, including summers that are getting hotter each year and winters that can get extremely cold. Houston Admiral provides the best HVAC services for both commercial and residential locations. There’s a reason why we outrank local Hockley HVAC Companies.

Benefits of Proper Air Conditioning

Hockley Heating And Cooling Services

Best Hockley Heating And Cooling Services

Having an AC system in good shape can bring many different benefits to your life. From saving money to possibly saving lives, proper air conditioning is a luxury everyone should put effort into getting.

The best way to maintain your system in good shape is with frequent maintenance services, here are some reasons for investing in your AC system.

Saves Energy and Money

A study from the Environmental Protection Agency found that more than 9,000 Americans died from heat-related health issues between 1979 and 2013. This figure may seem sizeable, but it does not capture the full severity of the problem.

There have been many other deaths that have heat as a contributing factor even if not the main one. The best way to prevent heat-related illnesses or deaths is by keeping cool with an efficient air conditioner.

Improved Air Quality

Air conditioners are supposed to effectively circulate and filter air, removing pollutants and mold from the air. This important overall but especially for those people who suffer from allergies and asthma as it will minimize the irritants that could trigger an attack. In order to properly defend against irritants, you should keep your AC system clean and in good overall condition.

Improved Efficiency

We’ve all experienced the sluggishness that creeps in when a day is just too hot. There’s actually scientific backing for why this happens. The energy that a body expends when trying to cool itself takes away from the ability to think and reason effectively.

This means that when offices are properly air-conditioned, employees will work better and make better decisions. If you’re running a business, you’ll want to maximize efficiency, we are here to help you achieve that.

Cooling Down Tempers

When temperatures begin to rise, our tempers tend to rise as well. When our brains are slowing down, our bodies speed up with increased heart rates and higher blood pressure. This will likely lead to more aggressive behavior. A cool environment is vital when trying to keep peace at home, work, and public spaces.

Better Sleeping Habits

The same physical changes – higher heart rates and blood pressure – that make us behave more aggressively can also make it impossible to get a good night’s sleep. The core body temperature is a critical factor when it comes to getting and staying asleep.

A room with either too hot or too cold temperatures will interfere with natural temperature regulation that should stay between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Protects Your Furniture

Hockley Heating And Cooling Services

Great Hockley Heating And Cooling Services

Heat and humidity can often time wreak havoc on furniture of all kinds. Wood will gain or lose moisture according to the air that surrounds it. This will gradually lead to warpings.

Leather will also absorb moisture which could possibly cause the couch to rot. Any type of fabric is susceptible to mold that can sometimes breed rampantly in damp environments.

Preventing Electronic Devices from Overheating

Another significant effect of heat is the effects that it has on technological devices. The phones and computers that we use daily can suffer serious meltdowns when temperatures rise. These meltdowns can lead to loss of data and an overall shorter lifespan. If your workspace contains computer servers, they could be completely destroyed or they could suffer major damage if not kept at a cool temperature.

Improved Security

When the air conditioner is not working properly, a common thing to do is opening windows. Windows even with screens are limited when it comes to keeping bugs out. They are even worse at keeping strangers out.

An unsecured window is not safe for anyone, at work or at home. A good working AC unit will prevent you from having to open a window and will help keep you and your loved ones safe. Having your windows closed will also protect your valuables from the unpleasant side of humankind.

Fewer Sweat Stains

Another thing that cannot be forgotten is how heat can be murder to your clothes. The unsightly discoloration from sweat can serious humiliation and can send your favorite shirt to the rag bag.

Staying cool with good central air conditioning and cooling system is a great way to protect your wardrobe and save you the expense of having to replace clothes.

Benefits of Functioning Heating Systems

Hockley Heating And Cooling Services

Best Hockley Heating And Cooling Services

The best way to ensure reliable, efficient, and optimal performance from your heating system s with frequent maintenance service. Regular preventive maintenance will make your system work much more effectively and will save you lots of money in the longs run.

One thing that a good heating system will provide is savings in energy usage. A heating system that is dirty or neglected will have to work much harder to raise the temperature in your home. Our technicians are certified and experienced in performing a number of vital operations including:

  • Tightening loose connections
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Cleaning or changing air filters
  • Testing airflow
  • Visually inspecting ductwork
  • Checking Connections
  • Testing system controls
  • Testing thermostat calibration
  • And much more

All of our operations are geared to contribute to making your system work in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. This will save you a huge amount of money in the long run as your energy bill will be lowered by quite a margin.

Hockley Heating And Cooling Services

Houston Admiral is ready to get your HVAC system back in the shape possible, come visit us or call us at (281) 876-9400. Finally, we are here to provide the best Hockley Heating And Cooling Services, learn more about us here.

Hockley Fun Facts

  • Widely known for its cattle ranches and farms
  • 36 miles away from Houston
  • Home to LoneStar Pinball Museum
  • Learn more here