Hockley Trane AC

If you are living in Hockley, Trane AC units are available for you. Have you heard of them? These are going to be the best units in the country. They have been put to the test in many awe-inspiring ways that you might not believe.

We will go further in-depth on all of the amazing things that these machines have to go through before being put on the market. It’s the cause behind their great quality and the reason we are happy to be official vendors of their HVAC units. They have done wonders for our clients in the past, and we expect them to do just the same for you!

When you get a Trane from Houston Admiral, keep in mind that you will be getting access to our services too. This means that we can install your unit and also perform year-round maintenance if you wish. We will also explain this later on in the article, but remember when you’re reading through these sections that if it seems too good to be true — it gets better!

Hockley AC Cleaning Service

We offer great Hockley air conditioning and heating HVAC service for commercial and residential units.

Awarded And World-Renowned

When you get a Trane AC, you are not just getting a good unit. You are getting the best that America has to offer. They have been one of the most consistent companies to ever enter the industry of HVAC. The feats that they have been able to achieve with their air conditioners are amazing.

In fact, they are so exceptional that they’ve been given many accolades over the years. To name one, they received an award for being “The most reliable AC in America” from Lifestory Research.

This showcases that they have an excellent track record and provide equipment that people can truly depend on. Just to give you a little bit of perspective, though, they have won that award five years in a row.

Best SEER Rating Possible

When speaking on efficiency, as far as AC units are concerned, it is something that is not widely understood. Today, the SEER rating is the most well-known way of testing energy efficiency. This is relative to the amount of energy used per AC usage and which possible route is best.

The ratio ranges from 0 to 22, which is the greatest possible efficiency. You will save over 70% if you receive any kind of AC that is higher than 18. While this is an unbelievably economic outcome, and it really cuts down on how much you pay, it’s not the best possible savings you could earn.

Trane, however, can provide you with the best. Their top-of-the-line unit will offer a SEER rating of 22, which is the highest possible score to receive. Yet another reason why Trane is excelling beyond their peers.

One Of The Quietest HVAC Unit Ever Made

We’ll throw another benefit into the mix while you are already blown away by this companies HVAC systems. Among all of the beautiful features of Trane, it is also the quietest in the industry.

You’re not alone if you ever have a problem or get irritated by the sound that your AC makes! There are people working day and night to fix this issue. Since the dawn of HVAC systems, it has been something that has been complained about.

Hockley Central AC Repair

Best Hockley Central AC Repair for your heating and cooling systems

Yet, that won’t be the case with your Trane model. This is because they all have a noise level that is less than any competition on the market when reading decibels.

In fact, each air conditioning unit is sent to the acoustic chamber of the Hemi Anechoic, where sound levels are tested on the most meticulous scales in the country.

There they have sound shields that are tested and designed before getting added to the compressor. The unit as a whole is then tested to get the results you are looking for. By the end of it, Trane has made a unit that only makes 54 decibels of noise. That is a whole 4 decibels lower than all other products on the market at the moment.

Preparing For The Elements

At least 2,600 hours of testing shall be given to most units. Each area is examined for superior performance. On average, the AC units are tested for approx. 16 weeks. They are rained and flooded and even frozen during this period. Okay, frozen?

That’s right. Frozen. In point of fact, Trane covers the whole AC unit in ice and snow for one of the tests that simulate winter elements. This is to showcase how Trane ACs can still operate smoothly even in the most harrowing conditions.

Hockely HVAC Contracted Service

Our service contract is more than affordable!

We offer Service Agreements, too!

Please note that we also provide your unit with the potential for service agreements. This entails all of the services that might be needed after installation.

We can perform the installation, of course; however, after the fact, we would not be involved. That is unless we had a service agreement, in which case we would provide preventive maintenance, repairing, and adjustment work for 1 or more years. That includes any necessary inspections and tune-ups.

Down the road, this leads to a huge reduction in costs and avoids even more reparations. The preventive maintenance we provide our customers has proven to protect against 80 percent of all repairs. That means you won’t just be saving money in the fact that your system is energy efficient, but having fewer breakdowns mean more time running and less time paying for service.

Contact Houston Admiral For Your Hockley Trane AC!

Now that you know a little more about them, Hockley Trane AC units really are amazing pieces of machinery. You will be able to depend on them for many years to come. Their awards come from all of these rigorous tests that demand perfection from those Trane units. They are the best in the country because they excel in every aspect.

Houston Admiral finds a lot in common with a business-like Trane. They are able to do a lot of the services themselves without having to go elsewhere. This is something that we strive to maintain and provide for our clients. We don’t want you to go out of your way to get all of the different services and products you might need.

Simply coming to one location for all of your HVAC needs has got to be relieving. That’s why Houston Admiral does it, after all!  For more information or if you’d like to set up an appointment, give us a call at (281) 876-9400 or check out our website! We hope to hear from you soon.


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