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Are you on the hunt for a Houston TX AC repair shop? We’re slowly approaching summertime here in Houston, which means things are looking to get pretty hot. Houston is notorious for its intense heat. So what better way to cool off than to run your AC unit? Many people do this, and it is entirely understandable. However, running an AC unit for an extended time can have some drawbacks.

These drawbacks start to show up whenever the AC unit is not routinely taken care of. AC units are generally neglected since most of them are placed outside of homes. Office buildings usually have their AC units on top of them. Out of sight, out of mind couldn’t be any more true. Because of this, the maintenance of AC units is generally forgotten about. Running the AC for a substantial amount of time without care can cause the unit to stop running efficiently. It could even break down and leave your home or office in an even worse condition.

That’s why you need a dependable and trustworthy AC company. There are plenty of companies out there, but not all of them are honest, and their prices are ridiculous. Here at Houston Admiral, we sympathize with our customers. We provide only the most quality services to our customers and even offer 24/7 emergency repair services.

About your AC unit

Your AC (air conditioning) system is just one unit that works together with other units to provide quality air and

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AC units are just one part of an extensive system called the HVAC.

temperature control to your space. The extensive system that these units are all a part of is called the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system. The system as a whole is pretty complex. It might be wise to know about the system as a homeowner or building owner. There are more than five parts to the HVAC system. We’ll only focus on the AC unit for now. 

As for the AC unit, it’s essential to know what kind of AC unit that your home or building has installed. There are three standard AC units (among an endless amount of others):

  • Split Unit AC: These AC units have two main parts. A compressor located outside, and a vent situated inside. Copper tubing connects them. The unit cycles air between the two parts. Refrigerant is applied to the air to produce a cooling breeze. These units generally use less energy and are more environmentally friendly. 
  • Ductless systems: These units are almost identical to split unit ACs, but with the exception that they have no ducts.
  • Packaged AC systems: These metal containers have all the parts necessary to an AC unit located inside them. These are the big AC units you see outside homes or on rooftops. They work by blowing air through ducts that connect to every room in a building or home. Some of them even have gas furnaces and heating coils as well. 

Determining which AC unit you have is essential to both repair and maintenance. If you need help figuring out which one you have, call an expert at the Houston Admiral today.

AC unit maintenance

There are many precautions you can take so that your AC unit does not break down or stop performing adequately. Here are just a few of them:

  • Replace filters regularly. Filters tend to accumulate heavy amounts of dust, pollen, and other contaminants. Filters that are too clogged up are bad for your AC unit because they force your AC unit to work overtime. AC units have trouble blowing air through clogged filters. We advise you to buy high-quality filters rather than cheap ones. Quality filters don’t need replacement as often and ensure that better quality air is cycled through your home or building.
  • Remove debris or trash from your unit. This step is especially crucial if you have a packaged AC system since they are out in the open. Any debris such as tree branches, leaves, or trash can get stuck in your system and cause unwanted damage. Check around your system weekly.
  • Refill your system’s refrigerant. Your system needs refrigerant in order to cool the air that is blown into your home. If you feel that your AC unit is not cooling your house the way it used to, it could just mean that your AC unit is low on refrigerant. Go ahead and clean the condenser coils as well. The condenser coils let out the warm air from your refrigerant into the atmosphere outside. 
  • Securely fasten all bolts and plugs. Sometimes the best fix to an inefficient AC unit is just making sure that everything is in the right place.

To learn more about AC unit maintenance, click here.

Replacing your AC Unit

Houston TX Air Conditioning Repairs

Trust Houston Admiral to replace your AC unit for the best price on the market.

If maintenance and repair are not the best options for your system, then it’s best to replace it. Replacing it could actually save you money, as spending thousands of dollars on repairs to an old AC system can cost you a pretty penny.

Houston Admiral offers plenty of AC unit brands that are sure to suit any need you might have. Some of the ones we offer include prestigious brands such as Goodman® and Lennox®. We are also proud to say that we don’t require down payments for installations, and our installations come with a lifetime warranty. 

The best Houston TX AC repair shop

Houston Admiral has been servicing the Houston area since 1990. Since then, we’ve built our portfolio, working with hundreds of customers throughout the Greater Houston area. We offer services to both residential and commercial customers.

Our team consists of only the most certified and trusted technicians in the industry. We make sure that they are all aware of the most recent trends in technology and that they know how to provide you with the best service.

We also offer additional services related to your HVAC system. Our technicians can also do heating installations, furnace installations and repairs, air quality checks, and much more. 

If you’re still on the fence, go ahead and check out our reviews page that has testimonials from the past clients we’ve worked with. We’re the best Houston TX AC repair shop in the area. Go ahead and give us a call or visit our appointments page to schedule an appointment. The consultation is free if we repair your AC!

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