Houston TX air condition repair near me

Do you find yourself searching for Houston TX air condition repair near me on Google? Well, we’re happy to let you know that you have arrived at the exact right location. Go Admiral has been one of the leading companies in the AC industry in Houston for years now. We’ve been serving the Houston area since 1990 and provide hundreds of companies and homeowners alike every year. 

Numerous AC repair companies are out there. The thing is, though- not all of them can be trusted to do quality work. To add to that, many of them charge way too much for mediocre services. At Go Admiral, we understand that you want quality service for the absolute best price possible. That is why we strive to provide our customers with quality service at an affordable price. We even offer 24/7 emergency repair services.

Houston TX air condition repair near me

We here at Go Admiral have been in the industry ever since 1990. Every year since then, we have had the pleasant opportunity to work with hundreds of customers (both residential and commercial) throughout the Greater Houston area. Our mission is to provide the best service possible to all of our customers. Our technicians reflect this mission perfectly. We make sure that every technician we hire is certified on the most up-to-date AC-related technology. Our technicians have a wide array of knowledge in the field and will not disappoint you with their service.

We also offer other HVAC system-related services. Some of these include air quality checks, heating installations and repairs, furnace checks and installations, and much more. 

We invite you to check out our reviews page full of reviews and testimonials from customers who were happy with the work we did for them. Our financing is one of the best in the market as well. We don’t require any down payment on new installations, and new installments come with a lifetime warranty.

Your AC unit

Houston TX Home AC Repair

Knowing what kind of AC unit your building or home has is crucial to its maintenance.

Now that you know a bit of what we do, let’s get to know your AC (air conditioning) system. AC units are just one unit in a large system called the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). They all work together to circulate quality air and temperature control throughout your space. It might be wise to know about the system as a home or building owner. Thinking about every part of the system is tedious and can get quite complex. Let’s focus on your AC unit.

One of the most important parts of maintaining your HVAC system is to know exactly what kind of AC unit you are working with. The two most common AC units are:

Split Unit AC: Split unit ACs are a type of unit that has two parts. One is outside, and the other is inside. They are connected by copper tubing, which cycles air between the two parts. Refrigerant is also located inside the unit and is applied to the air to cool it. There are usually ducts in split unit ac systems, but they can also come without ducts- in which they would be called ductless.

Packaged AC systems: Packaged AC systems are the big AC units you see outside homes and on rooftops. They blow air through ducts that connect to every room in a building or home. Usually, packaged AC systems have heating capabilities because they come with heating systems and gas furnaces.

If you need assistance finding out what type of AC unit you have, give Go Admiral a call today, and one of our expert technicians will help you out.

AC unit maintenance

Repairing your AC sounds tough and time-consuming. You don’t want to get to the point where you have to repair or possibly even replace your AC. That is why it is essential to take certain precautions so that only minimal damage is done to your unit.

  • Do a thorough scan of your AC unit. Is there anything blocking the gears or motors? Debris and trash are big
    Houston TX Air Conditioning Repairs

    Double check around your system and keep up with its maintenance to ensure it won’t break down.

    culprits when it comes to AC units that stop working. Remove anything that seems out of place, such as tree leaves and branches. You might even want to take the time to lubricate your system. Proper lubrication ensures that the parts in your system are not grinding or clashing with each other. 

  • Change your filters when necessary. One of the main reasons that AC units stop working efficiently is because the filters are clogged up. When filters are full of pollutants such as pollen and dust, your AC unit has to work even harder to blow air through your house. Cheap quality filters need to be replaced every few weeks. To make things less of a hassle, consider investing in high-quality filters. High-quality filters don’t need replacements as often as low-quality filters.
  • Check if your AC unit has enough refrigerant. Refrigerant is the product that cools the air blowing throughout your home or office. Without it, the air you feel circulating in your space might not even feel cold. 

AC unit replacement

Even with maintenance, sometimes AC units break down. Repair would be necessary here; in this case, you would want to call an expert. Go Admiral’s technicians are ready to provide repairs at unbeatable prices whenever you might need them. Our 24/7 emergency repair services ensure you don’t go a day without having access to your AC. What’s more, there is no extra charge for these services. Down payments for installations are not required either, and our installations come with a lifetime warranty. 

However, one thing to make a note of is that repair is not always the best option. Sometimes, AC units are repairable but only at an extreme cost. In this situation, replacing your entire AC unit is better and will save you money. The

Spring TX HVAC Service Near Me

Go Admiral offers a wide variety of AC unit brands.

technicians here at Go Admiral are also skilled in AC unit installation! We offer plenty of AC unit brands, so if you’re dedicated to one, then you’re in luck. Brands we offer include Goodman®, Lennox®, and more. 

So go ahead and call Go Admiral today or visit our appointments page to schedule an appointment with us. We’re ready to work with any AC-related service you might need. So no more searching for Houston TX air condition repair near me!



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