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Now that we’ve hit the summertime here in Houston, chances are you’re looking for Houston TX commercial HVAC companies on the internet. That comes as no surprise. An overwhelming majority of HVAC systems break down or need repairs during this time of the year. One of the best things you can do if this is the situation for you is to enlist the help of a trusted and dependable commercial HVAC company near you.

At Go Admiral, we pride ourselves on offering the absolute best service to all of our customers. We service commercial and residential customers, so don’t be afraid to reach out to us for repairs and maintenance. Our team is made up of only the most certified experts in HVAC technology and is sure to impress you with their work.

About your HVAC

We’ve been throwing around this acronym “HVAC” for a while now- but do you know what it stands for? HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The system runs throughout your building as it works to keep

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Your HVAC system is comprised of three main different units.

both the temperature and air quality at their peak. The systems all work with each other in unison. But they can only do so in harmony whenever each one of them is taken good care of. Whether you’re new to HVAC systems or know a thing or two about them- you might be aware that this overall system can get pretty complex and challenging to maintain. 

To add to that, many people don’t even see their HVAC units daily. The components of this system (like the heating unit and ac unit) are placed outside or on the top of a building’s roof. Out of sight, out of mind, right? This is just one reason people tend to neglect their HVAC units.

The truth is- not many of us know exactly HOW to take care of them. Do we power wash them? Replace them every few years? Halt use when we don’t need them? There are many confusing sides to this topic. That’s why it is best to work with an expert in the field. At Go Admiral, our expert technicians will help educate and advise you on how to take the best care of your HVAC system.

Why taking care of your HVAC system is important

We can list numerous reasons why it is important to take good care of your HVAC system. Think of taking good care of your HVAC system as taking good care of your vehicle. Sure it might not need maintenance every few weeks, but keeping up with it will ensure that it lasts for years on end. Here are two main reasons for taking good care of your HVAC system:

Better temperature control: In Texas, it gets hot. As mentioned earlier, many people run their ACs during the summer for much longer than usual. There is nothing wrong with this. However, without proper maintenance, running the AC for a long time can cause wear and tear (just like any other appliance). The AC and ventilation units are probably the only ones you’ll be concerned about during the summer. People in Texas don’t usually use their heating systems during the summer. But if your AC runs for a long time without maintenance, it can start working less efficiently. This is probably because the unit is running out of refrigerant, or the gears are needing lubricant. You can actually fix these by yourself, but if you need help, give us a call, and we’d be happy to assist you. 

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Texas summers are hot. Make sure your AC is running in top shape before the heat gets unbearable.

Better air quality

Air quality refers to the overall ozone quality in your building. HVAC units will accumulate dust, pollen, and other contaminants over time if not properly maintained. These pollutants cause several health problems. Examples of these are allergies, asthma, headaches, fatigue, etc. The best thing you can do in this situation is to replace your filters once they start getting clogged up.

Filters with too much buildup will force your system to work at double the speed and effort, potentially resulting in a broken system or a unit in need of repairs. Taking good care of your HVAC system will reward you with better overall air quality.

Lower energy bills

An HVAC system that needs repairs will work twice as hard as it needs. If it is taken care of, though, it’ll work at the efficiency it was designed to, leaving you with much lower energy bills. 

Click here to find some ways to maintain your HVAC system.

Choosing the right commercial HVAC company in Houston

There are plenty of Houston TX commercial HVAC companies in the area. So why choose Go Admiral? Well, we’re one of the highest-rated leading HVAC companies in the Houston area. We’re a family-owned business that has been operating in the Houston area since 1990. Since then, we have provided our quality and dependable services to hundreds of customers. Our review page shows how satisfied our customers are. We’d also like to announce that we won the 2019 Award of Excellence by the Better Business Bureau! 

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Call Go Admiral today to set up an appointment for your HVAC system!

Our HVAC-related services extend all across the board. We do AC installations, AC repairs and tune-ups, air quality checks, heating installations and repairs, furnace installations, and much more. In terms of pricing, we’re happy to announce that we offer zero-down financing. 

This applies to both AC and heating installations and repairs. You’ll also get a lifetime warranty for any new installation that we do for you. Be sure to check out our other special offers to see the best deal we can offer you.

So go ahead and give us a call or visit our appointments page to schedule an appointment. Our hours are M-F on an 8-5p basis, but our emergency repair services are also available 24/7. We’d love to take a look at your HVAC system and give you an opinion and quote depending on what services you may need. We highly recommend you keeping us in mind when looking for Houston TX commercial HVAC companies near you. 

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