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If you’re looking for a Houston TX home air conditioning company, then you’ve come to the right place. Houston Admiral is one of Houston’s most dependable and trustworthy home air conditioning companies. We offer services ranging from repairs to installations and are prepared to give you an unbeatable price. We train our technicians to be able to work on almost all types of equipment. So whether you need AC installation, AC repair, heating replacements, or even furnace installation, we’re the ones to call.

Good air quality starts here

Having good air quality is necessary for many reasons. One of those reasons is good health. Poor air quality can contribute to many adverse health symptoms. The air you breathe in might also contain harmful pollutants that are invisible to the naked human eye. That is why it is crucial to maintain a good standard of air quality throughout your home. The CDC even recommends using fans or an A/C unit to increase circulation so that these invisible particles can be disposed of properly. 

Good home air quality is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle.

As a homeowner, you must know what kind of air quality is circulating throughout your home. Air quality generally refers to the ozone quality both in and around your home. When you’re aware of the air quality in your home, you protect yourself and others from health risks such as infections and being poisoned. 

The effects of poor air quality are usually felt rather quickly. Side effects include feeling nauseous, dizzy, or exhausted. If you have been affected by the potentially poor air quality in your home, evacuate the location and seek medical attention. If nothing is done about the poor air quality, the particles in the air can accumulate in your lungs over time and cause a hefty amount of damage. Be sure to replace your filters every month to get rid of any extra pollutants in the air.

Routine cleaning and maintenance of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is also necessary. You can easily clean your systems every month without any fancy equipment or needing to spend thousands of dollars on overpriced services. If you find yourself not having the availability to clean your systems, Houston Admiral is more than willing to help you out.

Temperature concerns

In Texas (and especially in Houston), the temperature can get astronomically hot. A quick fix that people generally lean towards is running their AC unit. While this is an understandable means of keeping your home’s temperature ideal, running your AC unit for a long time can cause wear and tear just like any other appliance. Summers in Texas are notorious for having the most amount of broken-down A/C units due to overuse.

The thing is, though, many homeowners neglect their A/C units since the units themselves are generally located out of plain sight. Combine that with the fact that many people are unaware of how to properly clean and handle their HVAC systems, and you end up with hundreds of broken HVAC units in need of repairs or replacements. 

To prevent your A/C unit from dying on you in the middle of the summer heat, routine maintenance is highly recommended. Your A/C unit can run for years if you properly maintain its stability and health. Regular maintenance can also help your A/C unit become more reliable overall. You can improve reliability on your own- but it can also be done by a team such as ours here at Houston Admiral. Our team will help educate you on taking great care of your A/C unit and fixing any problems you might be facing.

Tips for optimal A/C unit care:

  • Buy quality air filters and change them routinely. How often you change them depends on the quality of air filters you purchase. Buy some that are cheap, and you’ll probably have to replace them every few weeks. That’s why we recommend buying quality air filters. Quality air filters last substantially longer and might not even need to be replaced for a few months.
  • HVAC System Maintenance

    Routinely clean and check up on your A/C unit.

    Double check that all cables are connected and all screws are tight. Your A/C system could be running poorly simply just because of faulty connections. 

  • Be sure to apply a good amount of lubricant to your system’s motors and gears. If your system is not properly lubricated, it could start grinding on other parts and working extra hard. At the end of the day, this could cause further unwanted damage.
  • Dispose of any trash or debris located in or around your unit in order to avoid damage.

Finding the right Houston TX home air conditioning company

We understand that maintaining your HVAC systems can be time-consuming and confusing. That’s why it is important to find a reliable home air conditioning company in your area to help you with all of your HVAC needs and concerns. If you’re located in the Houston area, then look no further, as Houston Admiral has you covered. We pride ourselves in our ability to “spoil you with our service” by employing only the most certified and qualified professionals. Our team was extensively trained and stays up to date with new protocols and techniques. 

We’re even proud to announce that our excellence in the field rewarded us with the Award of Excellence in 2019 from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can even read some of the numerous five star reviews from our past customers on our website. 

Our hope is that we are the first choice you consider when looking for a Houston TX home air conditioning company. We’re here to answer any questions and solve any problems you have regarding your home A/C unit. We service locations all throughout the Houston area, and operate on the usual 8 am-5 pm business schedule. But, we know that emergencies happen. That’s why we also offer 24/7 emergency repairs after business hours with no extra charges. When you schedule a  repair with our team, we’ll offer you a free service call!

Additional Services 

In addition to providing you with the best home air conditioning care, we also offer a variety of other services:

Magnolia heating and air conditioning service

Houston Admiral is your go-to home A/C company.


  • Furnace Installation
  • Furnace Repair
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • A/C Tune-Up
  • Digital Thermostats
  • Attic Insulation

…and much more!

So go ahead and give us a call today at (281) 876-9400 or visit our appointments page to schedule an appointment with the best Houston TX home air conditioning company

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