Houston TX hvac repair

Have a broken down air conditioning system, and now you’re looking for a Houston TX hvac repair company. Look no further than Go Admiral.  

We know that having a working HVAC unit is essential since we service the Greater Houston area. Your everyday comfort is made better with a well-functioning heating and cooling system, and if the cooling system decides to break down in the heat of the day, that is not going to be a great experience.  

Houston TX hvac repair

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Our professional team is used to going out and repairing broken HVAC systems. In addition to that, we have been in the business for over 25 years. So this means we know exactly what we are doing when providing you with a repair service. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today! We have a team that is ready to head over to you and get your system repaired. Call Go Admiral, the best Houston TX hvac repair company. 

Our Promise to you 

As a family-owned and operated business, we know what excellent service is and what it means to be the giver and the recipient. Our promise to you is that we will always give more than exceptional customer service no matter what service you require from us. 

The quality of our service stays a priority for us. It is essential to have consistent quality service. This is the way we have become one of the best HVAC service companies in the great Houston area. You will be spoiled with our service and will be glad that you called on us in the first place. 

HVAC Service The Woodlands TX

Get great customer service with our technicians

Everyone that works with us reflects how great of a Houston HVAC company we are. We hire technicians and team members that have years of experience in repairing and installing units. In addition, every technician shows an avid interest in keeping up and understanding all the latest systems and technology. 

As a constantly growing company, this is important because our industry is also continually growing and developing. By giving you the best technicians, you have nothing to worry about. We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and by hiring us, you would have hired the best air conditioning contractors in Houston.

Central Air Conditioning Repairs 

One of our more popular services is air conditioning repairs. It is normal for units to have some hiccups once in a while. When something does happen, you need a company that can get to you as quickly as possible and any time you need. Go Admiral has a 24/7 service. Meaning that no matter the time of day you need a repair, we will be there for you.

We have technicians who specialize in repairs, and because of that, we can send out multiple teams throughout the day to make sure that everyone gets the service they deserve.  

Maintenance Plans 

As the owner of an air conditioning system, there are some tips that you should know when it comes to maintaining your system. Maintainance is all about ensuring your system will last as long as possible. In addition to that, it can help catch things before something worse happens.

 We recommended that our clients get routine check-ups or annual tuning. This ensures that everything stays working properly, and if anything needs to be fixed, it can be resolved as soon as possible.

When a technician comes to your home or business for a repair after, they can give you some advice on how you can keep your system running smoothly. If you ever have any questions concerning any of the offered tips, you can always ask questions, and they will be happy to clarify. 

Some tips that may be given include changing the filter of your HVAC system. Many homeowners sometimes don’t remember they need to change the filter around their unit. It collects dirt, dust, and debris, and all of that can affect how your unit functions. So, we recommend that this be changed every month or every 6 months. 

Another tip that we like to give our clients is to trim and keep low all surrounding bushes and hedges. Most units are set up outside, so there are usually things like plants around. We ask that homeowners and business owners keep the plants around them low so that that the unit has the space it needs. We also don’t want the plants taking over the area the unit is in. HVAC units need to have air coming to them. This is so that they say a reasonable temperature.

There are more tips for you to use. Check out these A/C maintenance tips on our website and contact us with any questions. 

Other HVAC Services

In addition to our Houston TX hvac repair service, we also provide other HVAC services. Your air conditioner does more than cool; it also has a heating section. The heating section of your air conditioner needs to be serviced and maintained, just as much as the cooling section.

It is easy to forget about that section because, in Texas, we are used to mainly using the air conditioning. So if your air conditioning and heating system have hiccups, then consider giving us a call today. Our technicians will be happy to head right over to you to fix your heating system.  

Another service that we provide is for businesses and larger buildings. This service includes installing and repairing commercial HVAC units. The great thing about being able to service the Greater Houston community is that we get to work with businesses. 

Houston TX Air Conditioning

Houston TX hvac repair

Houston is the home to many different businesses, and they need our services as well. Commercial HVAC units are much different and larger than residential units. This is because they are cooling or heating a much larger space, of course. So, we have technicians that familiar with these specific kinds of units.

If you are a business owner looking for an air conditioning company that can provide you with quality commercial HVAC brands, contact us today. We have incredible commercial service prices.  

Houston TX hvac repair

Go Admiral understands that you need an HVAC excellent repair service. The only way to get a great service is to trust us. We have amazing deals that make choosing our company an awesome choice. Call us today for more information on any of our services. 

Get Houston TX hvac repair with Go Admiral today!

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